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Marvel Characters That Hate Spider-Man But Love Peter Parker

Most readers and viewers admired Spider-Man, and some even envied his glamorous fighting life. His strength, goodwill, and agility kept us turning pages to learn more about him. So when MCU brought the superhero from comic pages to life, fans were ecstatic. Seeing the actors perform the way we always imagined him was a cherry on top. However, not all loved every aspect of Spider-Man and Peter Parker. And just like the audience, there are some characters from the Marvel universe who loved the superhero alter ego more and hated Peter Parker, and in some cases, it was the opposite. Let’s look at who these Marvel characters are, focusing on the latter:

1. Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker’s relationship was adored by many. Gwen’s death in Amazing Spider-Man 2 broke many hearts along with Peter’s. She was Peter’s first true love, and he’d do anything for her. However, she never really knew everything about him, particularly about his alter ego. She blamed Spider-Man for her father’s death, and she probably hated Spider-Man for that.

Gwen blamed Spider-Man for her father's death but loved Peter Parker
Gwen blamed Spider-Man for her father’s death but loved Peter Parker

2. Aunt May loved Peter with all her heart. She gave everything for his upbringing and did a pretty job at that. However, she doesn’t know about him being Spider-Man. Initially, Peter hides it thinking she would worry too much. But he later finds out that she also despises Spider-Man a little. In Issue #45 of Ultimate Spider-Man, May even refers to him as her life’s dysfunction to her therapist.

Aunt May
May thinks he is dangerous and refers to him as her life’s dysfunction.

3. J Jonah Jameson’s hate for Spider-Man is known to everyone. He despised him like anything and always wanted to show the world how his presence was far from a blessing. He referred to the superhero as “masked menace.” However, he always had a soft spot for Peter Parker. In Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #1, it was revealed that hiring Peter at Daily Bugle was out of empathy.

J. Jonah Jameson Spider-Man
He refers Spider-Man as “masked menace” but has empathy towards Peter

4. Green Goblin became Spider-Man’s most prominent foe. He was a brilliant but cunning man, and the serum simply added to the cunningness. And thus, he saw Spider-Man as his arch-enemy. However, Norman had a soft-corner for Peter Parker. He always thought of Harry, his son, as a weak fellow and saw all the traits he wanted in his son in Peter. One time, in Revenge Of The Green Goblin, he even tried manipulating Peter into becoming his heir.

Green Goblin has a soft corner towards Peter Parker
He saw Spider-Man as his arch-enemy but he had a soft-corner for Peter

5. Harry Osborn was one of Peter’s best friends. He loved his friend dearly but hated Spider-Man with all his heart and sought out to take revenge. To top that, Norman’s parenting led him more towards darkness. His father’s disappointment in him and admiration for Spidey added to the fire.

Harry Osborn was one of Peter Parker best friends
Harry Osborn was one of Peter’s best friends

6. The Lizard is also one of Spider-Man’s deadliest foes. The villain debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #6, and in an attempt of regaining the lost limb, he experiments with Lizard DNA. As a result, he becomes a lizard himself and Spider-Man’s enemy. However, when Curt has it under control, he is Peter’s greatest ally.

Spider-Man The Lizard Peter Pakrer
When Curt has it under control, he is Peter’s greatest ally.