Marvel Cleverly Put 15 Easter Eggs In Moon Knight Episode 1

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???? Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Only proceed to read if you have watched Moon Knight Episode 1 on Disney+! ????


1. The episode opens with Bob Dylan’s song “Every Grain of Sand.” Known as one of Dylan’s most spiritual songs, this track came out after he became a born-again Christian. The lyrics hint at faith and spirituality hence we are introduced to Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), who is very faithful.

Moon Knight Episode 1

2. According to the comics, Marc Spector perishes in a desert and is revived by the moon god Khonshu. Here, Bob Dylan’s faithful lyrics also relate to the journey that Marc’s character undergoes and becomes Moon Knight. 

Moon Knight Episode 1

3. When we first meet Steven’s one-fin goldfish which he calls Gus, we can spot several Egyptian artifacts that Steven’s decorated his aquarium with. There’s a pyramid, a boat, and more. All these artifacts relate to the afterlife, which connects to Marc Spector and how he died before being revived by Khonshu.

Moon Knight Episode 1

4. Even though Steven has no idea that he’s living alongside Marc, we see a lot of details that hint at Marc’s death in the first five minutes of the show. Steven’s conversation with that young girl at the museum explains to us how Egyptians believed in being judged in the underworld. 

5. We meet Steven’s boss Donna at the museum who’s possibly named after the comic book character Donna Kraft. She first appeared in Mark Spector: Moon Knight Issue #39 from 1992 as Marc’s publicist at SpectorCorp. SpectorCorp was formed by Steven to fund his Moon Knight operations. 

6. When Steven finishes his shift at the museum and leaves for home, you can spot a rack of postcards that look similar to the postcard Steven says he got from his mom. It is likely that Marc is sending these postcards to Steven and telling him that they’re from his mom.


7. Steven’s best friend happens to be a guy who’s a human statue. Now, this statue has an uncanny resemblance with Bertrand Crawley from the Moon Knight comics. Crawley in the comics is a homeless man who lives on the streets of New York and often helps Marc Spector by being his informant.

8. The very fact that Steven’s BFF here is a statue connects dots to how in the Moon Knight comics, Marc Spector communicates with Khonshu through a statue. Also, Marc originally dies and then awakens at the foot of Khonshu’s statue

9. We get visuals of some incredible cinematography in Moon Knight. To portray Marc and Steven’s dissociative identity disorder, a lot of mirror imagery is used. For example, when see Steven walks up to the museum or when he walks away from the human statue. The mirror imagery depicts the two sides of Marc’s life. 

10. The opening scene of Moon Knight joins dots with Arthur Harrow’s comic book history. In the comics, Arthur works with pain theory, so it’s reasonable that in the show Dr. Harrow walks with glass in his shoes and resists pain.

11. The time when Steven is prepping up for his date, he goes from looking into a single mirror to three mirrors. This is possibly a nod given to Steven, Marc, and Khonshu all inhabiting one body. The cinematography in Moon Knight is bang on.


12. When Steven scrolls through Marc’s phone, we see numerous missed calls from Layla and one from “Duchamp.” In the Moon Knight comics, a French soldier named Jean-Paul Duchamp becomes a very close friend of Marc’s. Duchamp was on the same mission in Egypt that got Marc killed.

13. We get another mirror reference in this episode when Steven enters the museum here. His reflection in the glass is clearly a nod to Marc and Steven sharing the same body.

14. When Arthur meets Steven at the museum, he’s standing next to an Ammit hieroglyph. Ammit was believed to have lived with the head of a crocodile and her body was half lion and hippo. 


15. If you look closely, when Steven and Marc come face-to-face there are hieroglyphs on the walls in the bathroom. The one next to Steven’s shoulder has a resemblance to Khonshu. 


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