Marvel Cleverly Put 15 Easter Eggs In Moon Knight Episode 2

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The episode opens with Steven talking to the museum’s security guard who still calls him “Scotty.” This is possibly a nod to Scott Williams, who has worked on several Marvel comics like Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Episode 2

The HR head of the museum advises Steven to see a doctor who might be able to help him heal. In the Moon Knight comics, Marc’s relationship with his therapists plays a vital role in his decisions.

Moon Knight Episode 2

This episode too features some incredible visuals of cinematography that alludes to the multiple personalities that live inside Marc’s body. When Steven is turning in his museum name tag, we can spot his reflection on the glass table which symbolizes his relationship with Marc. 

Steven's reflection showing in a glass table
Moon Knight Episode 2

If you scan the QR code that was on Marc’s storage locker door, you get redirected to a Marvel website where Moon Knight comic issue is free for you to read.


We get a comic accurate detail when we’re given a glimpse of Marc’s passport. It says he’s from Illinois. In the Moon Knight comics, Marc Spector was born in Chicago, Illinois.

When Steven is riding with Layla on her motorbike, we learn that Marc and Layla are married. While Layla isn’t a comic book character, she seems to be the MCU’s version of Marlene Alraune. In the comics, Marlene falls for Marc and helps him with his Moon Knight identity. The duo eventually have a child together too.

When Steven and Layla are in Steven’s his flat, they recite “Les Séparés” by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore. This French poem is about a person loving someone who is no longer with them and asking them not to write. Steven and Layla recite the first line of the poem which means, “Don’t write, I am upset and want my light put out. The summer season without you is as dark as a room.”


The Moon Knight comics seem to highly influence the show as we come across two agents working for Harrow at Steven’s front door named Bobbi and Billy. Bobby and Billy are the servants of Ammit and work as attendants at a mental hospital that holds Marc Spector in the comics.

In one of the scenes, we can zoom in and see that Marc’s case file number is numbered “1975.” This is alluding to Moon Knight’s first-ever Marvel comics appearance. He made his in Werewolf By Night Issue #32, published in 1975. 

Bobbi tells Steven that Marc is a part of a group of mercenaries who hit a dig site in Egypt. This is a callback to Marc’s story that follows in the comics. Marc was on a mission in Egypt in the comics when he died and got resurrected by Khonshu. 


While Arthur Harrow is showing around his London compound to Steven, he introduces him to several of his disciples – One of them being Victor from the Yucatan. In the Moon Knight comics, Arthur conducted illegal Nazi experiments in the Yucatan before Moon Knight halted his attempts.

Although there are several “Khonshu” avatars who come before Marc, Arthur Harrow was never one of them. Harrow claims that he was once Khonshu’s former “avatar” but that never happens. 

When Steven “summons the suit” for the first time ever, his outfit gives a perfect nod to the 2014 Moon Knight comic books. This white suit was first introduced in Moon Knight #1 by Declan Shalvey, Warren Ellis, and Jordie Bellaire


Had Yelena been there when Steven did the dramatic landing, she would’ve definitely poked fun at him.

When Steven is fighting the ‘jackal’ in the street, a double-decker bus drives by which has an advertisement on it that reads “GRC: Reuniting you with your better half.” The Global Repatriation Council was introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which is a council that attempts to reunite people with their families who were blipped by Thanos. This connects Moon Knight to the larger MCU.

On top of the double-decker number “32” can be spotted. Werewolf By Night Issue #32 was the first Marvel comic in which Moon Night appeared.



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