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Marvel Cleverly Put 14 Easter Eggs In Ms. Marvel Episode 3. Did You Spot Any?

🚨 Warning: Spoiler ahead for Ms. Marvel Episode 3! Do not read if you haven’t watched 🚨


1. When we were getting visuals of the flashback, the people searching for Kamala’s bangle found it on the severed arm of a blue-skinned individual. This person could possibly be a part of the militaristic people of the Kree race. This also hints at the possibility of Kamala’s journey intersecting with Captain Marvel.

Ms. Marvel Episode 3

2. When the Britishers were threatening to collapse the temple on Kamala’s great grandmother Aisha and her associates, the group appears to be standing on the Ten Rings symbol that we saw in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. 

Ms. Marvel Episode 3

3. When Kamran’s mom Najma is talking to Kamala, she quotes that one day she hopes for Kamran to get powers like Kamala. In the comics, Kamran actually has powers that he discovers after getting exposed to Terrigen Mist. 

Ms. Marvel Episode 3

4. Najma tells Kamala that they’re from the Noor Dimension and are known as “Clandestines.” While there’s no such dimension as Noor Dimension in the comics, a version of the Clandestines does exist. In the comics, Clandestines are the children of Adam and Elalyth. 

Ms. Marvel Episode 3

5. While naming all the things the Clandestines have been called, Najma quotes her race as the “Unseen,” which is seemingly a nod to What If…? and The Watcher. In the Marvel comics, the Unseen are a group of people who even The Watcher can’t see.

6. Najma says that they’re most commonly known as the Djinn. In the comics, Djinns are a race of people who are said to be the spawn of Lilith. Even in reality Djinns have origins in Islam and are thought to be spirits.

7. When Kamala asks Bruno if he’s any bit familiar with interdimensional travel, Bruno says that he once read a research paper by Dr. Erik Selvig. We met Dr. Selvig first time in Thor. 

8. You can spot a young boy coming downstairs with all of Aamir’s shoes before Aamir himself comes downstairs and says that they were only supposed to hide one pair of his shoes. “Joota Chori” is a wedding tradition where the bride’s family members hide the groom’s shoes. 

9. The advice that the Imam is giving Kamala is actually a quote from the Ms. Marvel comics. Kamala is given this guidance about being good in the comics at the time when she’s making her new suit and painting her signature yellow lightning bolt.

10. Kamala can be seen wearing an Iron Man t-shirt in this episode. Iman Vellani claims RDJ to be his favorite actor and Iron Man her favorite hero.

11. There’s a Nikola Tesla poster hanging in Bruno’s room. Tesla was the man behind the discovery of the rotating magnetic field. 

12. During the dance of Aamir and Iyesha’s wedding, one of Kamala’s cousins can be seen wearing the Hulk costume that her parents got her stitched in episode 1.

13. During her first fight with the Clandestines, Kamala creates a large fist using her superpower to punch them. In the Ms. Marvel comics, Kamala would often grow and stretch the size of her fist while fighting.

14. You can spot Kamala’s adorable stuffed sloth lying on her bed wearing a cute little sweater vest. The sloth is something taken straight from the Ms. Marvel comics.

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