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Marvel Cleverly Put 20 Easter Eggs In What If…? Episode 6

Marvel Cleverly Put 20 Easter Eggs In What If... Episode 6

????WARNING: Spoilers ahead, Do not read on unless you have watched What If…? Episode 6 titled “What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?”.????

1. The episode starts with mirrored visuals of the opening scene from Iron Man where Tony is taking a picture with a soldier.

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2. Unlike the first Iron Man movie, the song “Back in Black” by AC/DC isn’t playing inside the convoy in which Tony and the soldiers are traveling in this scene. 

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3. In this altered reality, Killmonger saves Tony from getting captured by the Ten Rings in Afghanistan. Killmonger’s presence in Afghanistan was confirmed by Ross in Black Panther.

3 4

4. In this timeline, Tony gives up Happy’s job as his Chief Security Officer to Killmonger. Happy received this promotion in Iron Man 3, which allowed him to spy on Aldrich Killian.

4 3

5. Leslie Bibb makes another appearance as Christine Everhart in What If…? as we see her questioning Killmonger during the press conference.

5 3

6. When Killmonger projects the documents accusing Obadiah Stane, you can spot the Ten Rings logo.

6 3

7. Tony even promotes Killmonger to the position of his company’s COO. He reserved this post for Pepper Pots in Iron Man 2.

7 4

8. Rhodey tells Pepper about how Killmonger was part of an elite unit that specialized in assassinations. This exact information was given to us by Ross in Black Panther.

8 3

9. Tony’s 1932 Ford Flathead Roadster can be spotted here which he was seen repairing in Iron Man and Iron Man 2

9 2

10. Killmonger quotes Howard Stark’s mantra for peace, which Tony first talked about in Iron Man.

10 2

11. Michael B. Jordan is a real-life anime lover and his fondness is acknowledged when Tony pulls up Killmonger’s designs.

11 2

12. Just how Tony had several failed runs of his Iron Man suit in the film, here too while building the Liberator drones he faces defeats.

12 3

13. Tony mentions how his father used up all the vibranium that they had during the war, which is, of course, a callback to Howard making Steve Rogers’ shield.

13 3

14. The vibranium ring that Killmonger flexes in this episode was seen in N’Jobu’s hands. However, he claims that he got it off the black market.

14 3

16. The boat where Rhodey meets Ulysses Klaue is the same one where he is when Wanda and Pietro track him down in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

15 3

17. The sonic taser that Killmonger uses on Rhodey and T’Challa has the same tech that Obadiah Stane used to torture Tony in Iron Man.

16 3

18. Tony’s death in this episode seems to be an “absolute point in time” which makes it unchangeable and unmovable, regardless of what the timeline is. 

17 3

19. Killmonger tells T’Chaka about watching the sunset on Mt. Bashenga. In Black Panther, Mt. Bashenga is the mountain where a meteorite filled with vibranium crashed.

18 3

20. When Killmonger meets T’Challa on the ancestral plane, T’Challa is wearing his white ceremonial outfit that we saw in Black Panther.

19 3

Were there any other cool easter eggs that you were able to spot in What If…? Episode 6? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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