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Marvel Cleverly Put 23 Easter Eggs In Loki’s Episode 4

????WARNING: Spoilers ahead, this article is for people watching Loki on Disney+. Do not read on unless you have watched till episode 4.????

Loki has officially made Wednesdays our favorite days. With the fourth episode now streaming on Disney+, we are only left with two episodes to go in the first season. The latest episode of the MCU series has further complicated the mystery of the Time Variance Authority. Loki’s episode 4 saw a significant character’s death was the first from the season to feature a post-credits scene.

Loki’s episode 4 — titled “The Nexus Event” revealed that every person in TVA is a variant who has been brainwashed to work for an oppressive regime. The final minutes of the episode had Sylvie take control over Ravonna and asking what exactly she is up to. The episode has certainly set the plot for Loki’s penultimate episode.

Take a look at some super cool easter eggs that Marvel has cleverly put in Loki’s episode 4:

1. Every time that Asgard has been shown in a Thor movie, the opening view is always from some spot on the rainbow bridge from where we see the front. However, for Sylvie’s backstory, we approached Asgard from the mountains and saw the back of the palace.

2. When little Sylvie is playing, she’s telling a story about how the Valkyrie saved Asgard once. While growing up, Thor was equally fond of Valkyrie

3. Out of all the toys that kid Sylvie has, one is a toy wolf. This is a callback to Fenris, a giant Asgardian wolf that we saw in Thor: Ragnarok.

4. When Ravonna was arresting kid Sylvie, the hunter number reading on her suit was “A-23.” This was a nod to Avengers Issue #23, which was the first comic issue that featured Ravonna.

5. When Mobius and Hunter B-15 were searching for a Nexus event, the top corner of the screen read ‘Morag’ in small alphabets. It is the same place where Peter Quill found the orb that contained the Power Stone in Guardians of the Galaxy.

6. The conversation that takes place between Sylvie and Loki on Lamentis-1 about how Lokis always survive is a nod to the multiple times we’ve seen Loki die in the MCU yet making a way out alive

7. The theater where Mobius takes Loki is labelled as “Time Theater 25” on the outside. The number 25 is a possible nod to the Marvel comic Journey Into Mystery Issue #25 where a man has his entire memory wiped after being captured by aliens. 

8. The time loop where Mobius puts Loki in is actually a moment taken from Norse mythology where Loki cut Lady Sif’s hair in which she took great pride. 

9. Jaimie Alexander made her first appearance as Sif since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 in 2015. She will also be appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder.

10. The TVA minutemen take Sylvie to a time theater that is labelled as “Time Theater 47” on the outside. The number 47 could be a nod to Marvel’s comic What If? Issue #47, which explores what would’ve happened if Loki wielded Mjolnir and not Thor.

11. Mobius talks about the other types of variants that the TVA has previously encountered. He gives examples of Kree (seen in Captain Marvel), Titans (Thanos’s race) and more notably Vampires. This is a possible link to the upcoming Blade movie.

Loki's Episode 4

12. While confronting Loki, Mobius mentions that he only partners with people if he’s planning to betray them or take their advantage in some way. This is a nod to Loki’s work with Thanos, especially in The Avengers.

13. While signing the paperwork in Ravonna’s office, Mobius take a pause and glances at the Franklin D. Roosevelt High School pen again. Chances are that this pen could be a trophy from Mobius’s real-life before he was captured by the TVA. 

14. The section of the shelf where Ravonna places Sylvie’s sword is the same place where she had kept her old TVA helmet that she previously used to capture Sylvie.

15. When Mobius is browsing C-20’s files in Ravonna’s TemPad, three important dates are visible. One of them being “03.15.2050,” which is when the Roxxcart disaster took place.

16. TVA’s motto. ‘For all time, always’ can be seen placed above the Time-Keepers’ elevator. 

17. Although they turned out to be mindless androids, the designs of the Time-Keepers are pretty comic accurate. 

18. When Sylvie decapitated one of the three Time-Keepers, she realizes it’s an android. If you remember Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s pilot episode, Sam mentioned that Androids are one of the ‘big three’ things they keep fighting. 

19. Ravonna pulled a Loki on Loki himself when she pruned him the same way he stabbed Coulson in The Avengers.

20. The episode features the first post-credits scene of the series which shows where Loki ended up after being pruned by Ravonna. We’re met with four new Loki variants namely Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, and weirdly an Aligator Loki.

21. The Kid Loki has a history of appearing in the Young Avengers comic books. This could act as a possible link to Marvel’s upcoming project of Young Avengers.

22. If you look carefully you can spot the Avengers Tower behind the four Lokis which appears to be in ruins. However, this confirms that Loki is on some doomed version of Earth.

23. The song that played after the post-credits scene is Alan Silvestri’s “I’ll Take That Drink Now”. The song has been played before when the Avengers arrested Loki in The Avengers.

Were you able to catch any other cool easter egg in Loki’s episode 4? Share with us in the comment section below!

Catch Loki episode 5 only on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 7, at 12:01 a.m. PT and 3:01 a.m. ET.



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