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Marvel Cleverly Put Over 20 Easter Eggs In ‘Eternals’

Marvel Cleverly Put Over 20 Easter Eggs In Eternals


1. The movie opens with a crawling text that briefs us about the origin of the Eternals. The style is reminiscent of how The Book of Genesis begins in the Bible. It is a nod to how the Eternals have been around since the beginning of time.

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2. The Eternals’ ship is named ‘The Domo’ in the film. In the comics, Domo is an Eternal who works for Zuras, a prime Eternal on Olympia.

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3. The ring that Dane receives from Sersi at his birthday party has a Black Knight symbol embedded in it. In the comics, Dane goes on to become the Black Knight and even works with the Avengers.

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4. Every news featured throughout Eternals was on the news network ‘WHiH’. Many MCU movies and shows have featured news on this network before.

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5. When Ikaris, Sersi, and Sprite travel on Kingo’s private jet, you can find Captain America’s first shield hanging on a wall behind Ikaris.

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6. Kingo suggests how seeing Sprite, Ikaris, and Sersi together reminds him of Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Wendy from Peter Pan. In the comics, it’s revealed that J.M. Barry based Peter Pan on Sprite.

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7. When Sprite mentions Steve and Tony, she calls Steve “Captain Rogers” instead of Captain America. This is a nod to the fact that Sprite and the Eternals were around during WWII and she likely knew him back then.

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8. Kingo reveals that Thor hasn’t been answering his calls lately and he’s actually friends with him. This could be a nod to a comic book storyline in The Mighty Thor where Thor interacts with the Eternals.

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9. When Sersi calls Dane, she urges him to get in touch with his uncle. According to the comics, John Garrett is Dane’s uncle who wielded the Ebony Blade.

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10. When Sersi and Ikaris visit Phastos at his home, he introduces them as Sylvie and Issac, which are aliases the duo have used in the comic books.

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11. Phastos’s son, Jack, is possibly named after the comic book artist and writer of Eternals, Jack Kirby.

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12. Many real-life pop culture references are made in Eternals. In one of the scenes at Phastos’ house, Ikaris hides behind a Star Wars coloring book. There are several DC references also made in the film. Ikaris is compared to Superman and Karun is linked with Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred.

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13. When we meet Makkari on the ship, she is seen surrounded by a ton of great treasures of history. One of which is the Holy Grail.

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14. Also, you can spot Makkari wearing an H.G. Wells t-shirt. H.G Wells is known for his science fiction novel War of the Worlds.

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15. Thena finds Excalibur on The Domo which was the legendary sword of King Arthur.    

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16. Phastos’s design of a Uni-Mind comes straight from the comics. In the comics, Eternals realize they can join their will and intelligence to form one powerful entity, just how they attempted in the movie.

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17. Thena’s battle with Kro is a pairing taken straight from the comics. In the comics, she had a bond with Kro which the other Eternals disapproved of since he’s a Deviant.

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18. Ikaris’s final moments have him flying into the sun, which is a nod to the famous Icarus myth. It is believed that Icarus flew too close to the sun and got the wax on his fake wings melted due to the sun’s heat.

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19. In the first post-credit scene, we meet Pip the Troll who is a character straight from the comics. While Pip is seen with Eros here, in the comics he’s seen with Adam Warlock who will be played by Will Poulter in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.


20. Talking about Eros, aka Starfox, who is played by Harry Styles is an Eternal from Titan and Thanos’s brother. He has the ability to control people’s emotions.

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21. In the second post-credits scene, we see Dane opening a box that contains a sword which is also called the ‘Ebony Blade’. It is also considered to be a dark counterpart to Excalibur which was King Arthur’s sword. In the comics, Dane goes by the alias Black Knight.

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22. The voice you hear during the final seconds of Dane’s post-credits scene is of Mahershala Ali’s.
Ali will be playing Blade who is a
vampire hunter in an upcoming MCU movie.

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