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Every Time Marvel Comics Replaced Thor With Someone Even More Formidable

Every Time Marvel Comics Replaced Thor With Someone Even More Formidable

The mantle of Thor is not exclusive to the Odinson in Marvel Comics. It has been passed down to many men and women, the most famous of them being Jane Foster. There are other individuals who have taken over as the new Thor, God of Thunder in Marvel Comics. Some of them are a hundred times grittier and more visceral than the original Thor Odinson of Marvel Comics.

Thor: Love and Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder

Roger Norvell Only Wanted To Win Lady Sif’s Heart

Roger Norvell - Marvel Comics
Roger Norvell – Marvel Comics

The story of Roger Norvell is a very peculiar one. He was among a group of film crew workers trying to know Asgardians and their lifestyle better. When Thor refused to help, Loki stepped in to save the day. But since it is Loki we are talking about as a benefactor, you know there’s something wrong right there.

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Loki took Roger ‘Red’ Norvell to Asgard where he fell in love with Lady Sif. The God of Mischief instructed Red Norvell that to win her heart, he must win a set of trials and harvest the power of Thor for himself. Odin knew of Loki’s machinations and had created a fail-safe just in case Red Norvell stole Thor’s powers. That fail-safe ended up making Norvell the second God of Thunder.

Ragnarok Was Designed For Brutality

Ragnarok - Civil War Marvel Comics
Ragnarok – Civil War – Marvel Comics

During the events of Civil War, Thor was not around to pick a side. He was busy dealing with the death cycle of Asgardians. But Tony Stark and Reed Richards needed the world to know that the God of Thunder was on their side. So they used Thor’s DNA and advanced technology to create a cyborg clone called Project Lightning.

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Renamed as Ragnarok, the clone had all of Thor’s powers but none of his virtues and morality. He would kill and maim as he pleased and didn’t give a damn about collateral damage. Ragnarok would later be defeated and shelved. Later on, it was shown that Hank Pym’s Skrull Impostor had screwed up its codes, leading to its psychotic fits of rage.

Dargo Ktor Was A Rebel

Drago Ktor - Marvel Comics Year 2587
Drago Ktor – Marvel Comics 

Let’s fast-forward to the year 2587, where technology has advanced beyond human comprehension. But reality is as bleak as it gets in this timeline. The entire world is in utter shambles, a huge pile of debris from countless wars and battles. In this timeline, a group has come together to worship Thor as a deity, based around a fallen Mjolnir which they have turned into an idol of sorts.

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Dargo Ktor, one of the rebels in the cult, reaches for the hammer in a fit of desperation and lifts it, realizing he is worthy of the power of Thor. Mjolnir would initially resist Dargo’s commands but after the two defeated Loki and The Corporation, Dargo sent the hammer back in time to its rightful owner.

Eric Masterson Was Supposed To Replace Thor

Eric Masterson - Thunderstrike - Marvel Comics Thor
Eric Masterson – Thunderstrike – Marvel Comics 

Just Like Donald Blake, Eric Masterson shared his body with the actual Thor Odinson. When on the brink of death at the hands of Mongoose, Odin takes pity on Eric Masterson and merges his body with the essence of his own son. For a time, Eric Masterson was the actual God of Thunder.

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After Thor was banished by odin, Eric fully assumed the mantle of Thor. But he fell prey to the manipulations of Amora the Enchantress, who made her attack and almost kill Lady Sif. An enraged Thor Odinson would fight back and reclaim his power as the original God of Thunder. Odin would realize that Eric was being manipulated and gave him an enchanted mace. Eric would then become Thunderstrike.

War Thor Is A Vengeful Volstagg

War Thor - Marvel Comics
War Thor – Marvel Comics

Volstagg is a proud member of the Warriors Three and a very good fighter. He is jolly and sweet and a hit at parties. But even guys like Volstagg have their breaking point. This happened for Volstagg a couple of years ago in Marvel Comics during the War of Realms event.

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As an Asgardian senator, Volstagg vowed to protect a group of refugee children of Alfheim who had taken shelter in Svartalfheim. But war can be fickle. Volstagg could not protect the children but he made sure he will avenge their deaths. Picking up the Mjolnir from the Ultimate Universe that had sifted through a rift in reality after 2015’s Secret Wars, Volstagg become the formidable War Thor. While Thor Odinson is worthy because of his sense of duty, Volstagg managed to pick the hammer up because he was in grief.

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