Marvel Comics Tried to Replicate the Success of Superman Not Once But 3 Times Yet Failed Miserably

Marvel's ambitious trio, unveiling Gladiator, Hyperion, and Sentry in the quest to recreate Superman's success, ends in disappointment.

Marvel Comics Tried to Replicate the Success of Superman Not Once But 3 Times Yet Failed Miserably


  • Marvel Comics attempted to replicate Superman on three occasions, with Gladiator, Hyperion, and Sentry as contenders to embody the essence of the iconic Man of Steel.
  • The three characters were introduced in each attempt to capture Superman essence, each with their own unique powers and abilities that mimic the DC superhero.
  • The absence of a Superman-esque character on Marvel's roster is the result of unsuccessful attempts to achieve the pinnacle of success achieved by DC's Superman.
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Marvel Comics boldly embraced the challenge of emulating the unparalleled success of Superman on three distinct occasions. In this ambitious pursuit, Marvel unveiled Gladiator, Hyperion, and Sentry as contenders, each crafted to embody the essence of the iconic Man of Steel.

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However, these valiant efforts ultimately yielded a resounding disappointment. Thrusting Marvel into a mystifying quest to crack the elusive formula that rendered Superman an enduring symbol.

Marvel’s Desperation Led To Three Attempts At Replicating Superman

DC's Superman
DC’s Superman

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Marvel, in its relentless quest for a Superman-like hero, became ensnared in desperation. Superman, widely imitated in comics, saw Marvel stand out, with three characters owing much to the iconic figure.

Fueled by insatiable ambition, Marvel ventured thrice to replicate Superman’s unmatched success. However, the absence of a Superman-esque character on Marvel’s roster is the result of unsuccessful attempts.


Gladiator, Hyperion, and Sentry were introduced, each striving to capture Henry Cavill’s Superman essence. Hyperions from different universes unmistakably mimic Superman. Sentry, akin to Superman, repeatedly faces demise in various storylines.

Gladiator’s purpose remains unsubtle. Yet, the notable question arises: Who is Marvel’s strongest Superman?


The pursuit unfolds with desperation, marking Marvel’s unsuccessful endeavor to recreate Superman’s unparalleled success. It leaves a void in their superhero lineup.

Who Emerged As Marvel’s Mightiest Superman: Sentry, Gladiator, or Hyperion?

In the vast expanse of the Marvel Universe, a persistent inquiry echoes: who stands as the strongest counterpart to Superman? The contenders in this celestial showdown are Sentry, Gladiator, and Hyperion.

Sentry vs Gladiator vs Hyperion
Sentry vs. Gladiator vs. Hyperion

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Despite their evident caped attributes, Marvel has struggled to attain the pinnacle of success achieved by DC’s Superman. Each of these characters has carved their niche in the Marvel Universe, showcasing powers reminiscent of the iconic Man of Steel.


Gladiator, a potent force within the Sh’iar Empire and leader of the Imperial Guard, mirrors Superman’s powers, flight, energy blasts, freezing breath, invulnerability, and immense strength. Yet, Gladiator’s self-doubt can diminish his formidable abilities, adding a layer of complexity to his character.

Hyperion, Marvel’s initial homage to Superman, hails from Earth-712 as a member of the Squadron Supreme. With powers akin to Superman, Hyperion has faced the Avengers and emerged as a formidable adversary, enduring blows from powerful opponents.


The Sentry, Marvel’s unsung hero created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, embodies the essence of Superman. With molecular manipulation abilities reminiscent of the Infinity Gauntlet, the Sentry, especially when under the control of the Void, stands apart.

In a hypothetical battle, the Sentry, with his unparalleled powers, could potentially surpass even the entire Marvel Universe. While the triplet promises an epic clash, Sentry’s unique abilities and potential to wield unimaginable power position him as the possible victor.


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