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Marvel Comics: Wolverine And Captain Marvel Are Actually Besties

Marvel Comics Wolverine And Captain Marvel Are Actually Besties

Marvel Comics has a lot of recognized friendships and tandems that many fans know, but only a few are aware that Wolverine and Captain Marvel are actually besties.

Wolverine Captain Marvel
Wolverine and Captain Marvel

It seems very unlikely because they exist in different worlds, and they have different teams. Wolverine is a mutant from X-Men who likes doing things his way and alone. Captain Marvel belongs to the Avengers, and she fights both in space and on Earth. Both heroes have impressive résumés, and that is not the only thing they have in common.

Carol Danvers and Logan were both former agents, and they worked alongside each other before they became superheroes and joined their respective teams. They always had each other’s back, and just like any other friendship, they trust one another with their lives.

How Did Wolverine And Captain Marvel Become Friends?

Wolverine and Captain Marvel Friendship

In Avengers Annual #10, created by Chris Claremont and Michael Golden, Captain Marvel suffered from amnesia, and she approached Professor Charles Xavier to help regain her memories. She stayed with the mutants and eventually became friends with Logan. When Carol was abducted by the KGB, Wolverine did not hesitate to rescue her despite opposite orders. In another Marvel Comics story, Carol returned the favor by helping Logan escape from The Hand.

Their friendship was not the most popular, and years later, their story was pushed to the backseat. As Carol and Logan make names for themselves as individual heroes, they became detached. Having different kinds of missions forced them to separate from each other. Logan focused on mutant-related quests while Carol fought with the Avengers and became a defender of the universe.

Avengers vs X-Men
Marvel’s Avengers and X-Men

At some point, they still catch up with one another, as to honor the friendship they had in the past years. Fans would love to see them reunite and team up again in the future. Indeed, their tandem is one of the most underrated yet purest friendships in the Marvel universe.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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