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Marvel Comics: Wolverine And Moon Knight Team Up In Leaked Cover Image

Wolverine And Moon Knight Team Up In Leaked Cover Image

This week, Marvel Comics accidentally leaked a preview for Crypt of Shadows, a new comic book story consisting of a team of superhumans such as Wolverine, Moon Knight, Elsa Bloodstone, and Bloodline.

Wolverine Moon Knight Marvel Comics 1
Wolverine, Moon Knight and other heroes team up for Marvel Comics’ Crypt of Shadows

Crypt of Shadows was originally a horror anthology series that ran in the early mid-70s featuring spooky classic stories, which are far from the usual superhero tales. Marvel Comics brought the title back in 2019 for one issue created by Al Ewing, Garry Brown, Stephen Green, and Djibril Morissette-Phan.

Marvel Comics Crypt of Shadows 1
Crypt of Shadows 1973 and 2019 issues

Marvel Comics Will Introduce A New Supernatural Team

This week, the leak showed a cover image of the monster hunters team starring Wolverine, Moon Knight, Elsa Bloodstone, and Bloodline, in what seems to be a horror-packed adventure.

Marvel accidentally uploaded the information on their official website. The comic is expected to be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con as it is supposed to debut on Halloween. Check out the cover design and synopsis below by Leinil Francis Yu and Matt Milla:

Marvel Comics Crypt of Shadows
Marvel Comics Crypt of Shadows leaked cover image

The heroes of the Marvel Universe spend most of their time in the bright sun, flying high above it all…but every once in a while, they venture into the darkness that lurks in the hidden corners of the world. There lurk the creatures, the monsters, the vampires…the ones who prey on innocence and goodness. Join us, and some of your favorite heroes, for tales of fangs, claws and silent, stalking swamp creatures to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve!

The image features the monster hunters team venturing into the dark unknown as they try to hunt for monsters, vampires, and beastly creatures. The creative team behind the comic is yet to be revealed, including the official release date. More information will be provided once Marvel officially releases Crypt of Shadows #1.

Source: ScreenRant

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.