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Did Marvel Accidentally Reveal Henry Cavill is Playing Doctor Doom at D23 Expo? New Rumours About DC Actor Jumping Ship to Marvel, EXPLAINED

Did Marvel Accidentally Reveal Henry Cavill is Playing Doctor Doom at D23 Expo? New Rumours About DC Actor Jumping Ship to Marvel, EXPLAINED

With the reveal of its phase 5 at the 2022 D23 Expo, Marvel has left its fans all excited with its upcoming films and shows. Marvel not only released the first looks of many new projects, but also included clips from most of these shows. The expo included clips from Wakanda Forever, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania, Loki Season 2, and The Marvels. In all this, Marvel may have hnted Henry Cavill joining the MCU as Doctor Doom.

Henry Cavill The Man from UNCLE
Henry Cavill

The President of Marvel studios also talked about how these shows and movies will fit into the multiverse saga. That is not all, Kevin Feige also introduced some new actors joining the MCU. Talking about the upcoming projects, Kevin Feige announced that WandaVision director Matt Shakman will direct the 2024 Fantastic Four. 

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Fantastic Four Cast Reveal at D23 Expo

Kevin Feige made several announcements at the D23 Expo. All the films and shows included in Marvel’s D23 Expo were of phase 5 of the MCU. However, he made an exception by announcing some details about the first film of phase 6, Fantastic Four. 

Fantastic Four FandomWire
Matt Shakman

Introducing the director Feige said, “Every single episode of Wanda Vision was directed by one man. His name is Matt Shakman.” He further said, “I just brought him to say, hi.. because he is directing Fantastic Four.” He further mentions that Fantastic Four is coming in phase 6.

There is also a tweet going viral on Twitter, which shows the cast of the Fantastic Four. The tweet says, “Henry Cavill now officially cast in MCU!”

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four

The cast for Fantastic Four included John Krasinski as Reed Richards, Jodie Comer as Susan Storm, John Boyega as Johnny Storm, Seth Rogen as Ben Grimm, and Henry Cavill as Victor Von Doom.

Henry Cavill’s Fan Casting in the MCU

It is not the first time Henry Cavill to be associated with a Marvel project. Earlier, rumors had that he would join the MCU as Hyperian, who works for the Supreme Squadron in Loki Season 2. But Marvel did not say anything related to this news.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill

Now once again, social media is filled with the claims that Henry Cavill is joining the MCU as Marvel’s Infamous Iron Man’s Doctor Doom. Infamous Iron Man is a comic book miniseries featuring Victor Von Doom. 

However, Marvel has made any confirmation about Henry Cavill joining the MCU. There have been multiple claims about Henry Cavill joining the Multiverse, but all of them end up being fan-casting only. 

Henry Cavill Hyperion Loki
Henry Cavill as Hyperion in new Loki fan art

People have been fan-casting the Superman actor into multiple superhero roles in the MCU, including earlier known, Hyperian and now as Victor Von Doom. It is not the end of the actor’s fan casting. Fans have even imagined the actor playing the Beast in the upcoming X-Men projects and Captain Britain. 

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Marvel Fans React to the Fantastic Four Fan Cast

However, MCU has not revealed any such information, and neither did Kevin Feige at the D23 Expo. The rumor is just a rumor, and Feige only introduced Matt Shakman as the director of Fantastic Four and nothing else about the cast of the plot of the film.

The tweet circling on Twitter seems like the work of a fan who wants to see the cast in the Fantastic Four or is just eager to see Henry Cavill as Doctor Doom.

The tweet received several odd reactions from the audience, where many were thrilled with the idea of having one of their favorite actors join the cast, and some people straight called it fake. But there were people who appreciated the casting and said Henry Cavill would be a great Victor Doom.

Marvel has officially not announced the cast of the Fantastic Four. Fans have had some ideas on who will join the cast, but nothing is confirmed yet. Fantastic Four will be the first film of phase 6 of the MCU. 

Marvel’s Fantastic Four is set to release on November 8, 2024.

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