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Marvel: Everything To Learn From Spider-Man In the Comics

Marvel Everything To Learn From Spider Man In the Comics

Spider-Man is one of the most famous Marvel Comics characters and we can definitely learn a thing or two from him. When we talk about Spidey, he was created by Stan Lee and Steev Ditko and came at a crucial time in Lee’s life. Throughout the years, Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man is a character that has become a household name. Now, when the character came to the big screen, ie., Sony and MCU, it was an absolute hit. It has been more than two decades that the character is on the big screen and breaking records. Now, when it comes to Marvel Comics, there are so many things that you can learn from Spider-Man. Check it out!

Family First

Marvel Comics: Spider-Man keeps family first
Marvel Comics: Spider-Man keeps family first


One of the biggest losses that Parker faces in his life is the loss of Uncle Ben. After his death, Parker knew that he has to do everything in his power to protect his loved ones. Moreover, he almost quit being Spider-Man to protect Aunt May. He did everything to protect her while she knew that it’s Peter who needs to be taken care of. He even sold his marriage to Mephisto to save May’s life.

Always Do The Right Thing

Marvel Comics: Spider-Man always wants to do the right thing
Marvel Comics: Spider-Man always wants to do the right thing

We’ve heard that we always have an option, and for Spider-Man, he always chooses to do the right thing. However, it didn’t come easy to him. Whenever he has not done the right thing, he has faced the consequences For example, when he didn’t stop the thief, his uncle died. So his lessons didn’t come to him easy, and he always hasn’t been in the right either.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Marvel Comics: Spider-Man

The most famous lesson that Peter Parker learned was from Uncle Ben. He told him that with great power comes great responsibility. However, he ignored this advice and went reckless for a while. But when he lost his uncle, he realized Uncle Ben’s advice was something that he should always live by. And then, Spidey became the hero we now know.

It’s Okay If You Ask For Help

Marvel Comic: Heroes come to Spider-Man's aid
Marvel Comic: Heroes come to Spider-Man’s aid

Spider-Man was a loner for a long time. However, the best thing about him is that he doesn’t get cocky and realizes when he needs help. In his recent war with Kindred, he realized he was going to die in the battle, and literally everyone from Miles Morales to Doctor Strange and even Mary Jane Watson showed up to help him.

Help Everyone, Even Your Enemies

Marvel Comics: Spider-Man helps his enemies
Marvel Comics: Spider-Man helps his enemies

Always remember that Spider-Man is not a killer. In Spider-Man Comics, the most devastating betrayal is when Harry Osborn almost kills him. However, Parker thinks that it is on him to help everyone, and so, he was with Osborn even when he died. Even though Osborn hurt Parker more than anyone in his life, he still saved Osborn’s life in the battle against Kindred. It’s a noble trait that separates him from every other superhero.

Written by Deepak Vasisht