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Marvel Fans Are Furious After Internet Troll Denies Zendaya’s Beauty, Claims She is a 7 on Beauty Scale

Marvel Fans Are Furious After Internet Troll Denies Zendaya's Beauty, Claims She is a 7 on Beauty Scale

Zendaya is undeniably one of the most talented and stunning actresses of her time. Many people have been impressed by her work. She has been honored with several awards, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her performance in Euphoria.

However, an anonymous internet troll claimed that Zendaya and Jennifer Connelly only get a 7 on his beauty scale.

When Zendaya Got Trolled for Her Beauty


The Spider-Man: No Way Home actress began her career as a dancer and model for commercials. She appeared in several shows on the Disney Channel, such as Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up. Zendaya finished second place on Dancing with the Stars after leaving Disney in 2018.

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Zendaya’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $20 million. Zendaya is the youngest actress to win in that category. Despite her achievements, the actress is being compared in the most shallow way.

The tweet in question was sent from the account @CristusVictor. In the tweet, he compared a photo of Jennifer Connelly from the 1990s to one of Zendaya without any cosmetic enhancements. Women of the 1990s, he said, were much more attractive than modern women, and Zendaya and Connelly were only a 7 on his beauty scale.

“Any zoomer who thinks right pic is above average attractive doesn’t understand that in the 90s, a “7” looked like left pic. Above average” meant something else back then. There’d be like ten girls as or more beautiful than Connelly working at every chain restaurant.”

Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly

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The debate took a nasty turn when some users criticized the troll’s judgment. Fans of both actresses weighed in on the heated debate. The fans stated that he cherry-picked an unflattering photo of Zendaya to make his point.

They argued that the photo of Connelly was taken at the height of her career, with heavy makeup and professional styling. Meanwhile, the photo of Zendaya was an off-guard, no-makeup shot taken without her consent.

The overwhelming response to the tweet showed that people are tired of beauty standards being used to pit women against each other.

The Trolls Won’t Stop


Some fans also said the troll was insensitive by choosing such an unflattering image of Zendaya to illustrate his point. They claimed that the photo of Connelly, which featured her heavily made up and professionally styled, was from the height of her career. Zendaya’s picture was an unplanned, makeup-free snap taken without her knowledge or permission.

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Despite these fans’ displeasure, the tweeter clarified that he meant for to be not taken seriously and that 7 is, in fact, the ideal beauty score for young Hollywood actresses like the Spider-Man: Far from Home star.

Questions about such trolls identifying actresses with an indicator like the beauty scale may seem absurd to many. However, celeb victims of these trolls do not feel affected.

Source: Twitter

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