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Marvel Fans Convinced ‘Red Light Flash’ During Wanda’s Death Proves Scarlet Witch Didn’t Die, She Teleported

Marvel Fans Convinced Red Light Flash During Wandas Death Proves Scarlet Witch Didnt Die She Teleported

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a phenomenal movie that set the Box Office on fire. Marvel fans loved it and the conversation about the MCU film still continues months after its release. The plot was epic and the performances by the main characters were top-notch. Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch in the movie was especially noteworthy.

Scarlet witch may have suvived the end scene in Doctor Scene 2
Wanda Maximoff

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The ending sequence of the film was quite intriguing. Wanda Maximoff sacrificing herself and apparently dying was a site to watch! She destroyed the Wundagore Castle and seemingly died there and then. However, many fans are skeptical and believe that Wanda Maximoff, one way or the other, escaped death!

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Fans Speculate About The Scarlet Witch’s Fate

Scarlet witch may have suvived the end scene in Doctor Scene 2
The Red Light Flash

Many fans have come up with theories about Wanda Maximoff’s fate after the ending scene in Doctor Strange 2. Some like Twitter user @zwollenaar1987 speculate that the red light that flashes when the castle collapses suggests that the Scarlet Witch may have teleported.

“Wanda can’t be dead right? Even though it looked like it when she brought down mount Wundagore on herself. I saw a red light flash.”

Other fans on Twitter have suggested the same. @McR1B69 writes: 

“I wanted Wanda to be dead but I just noticed a little red flash after the building comes down on her. Could be used to retcon that she teleported out at the last second or something.”

Considering that the character Scarlet Witch has the ability to teleport in the comics, it is entirely possible that she may have survived the destruction.

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Elizabeth Olsen’s Take on Wanda Maximoff

The future of Wanda after Doctor Strange 2
The Scarlet Witch

Actress Elizabeth Olsen who played Wanda Maximoff in the film had this to say about the character and her future in the MCU: ( In a conversation with Extra)

“We got to do so much with the character, so much with the story and I just wanted to make sure that we continued the evolution into this film and to play things that our fans or the audience haven’t seen her do yet.”

“There’s a couple different versions of what could happen at the end of this film. Mostly, I want to hear what the fans who know her best, what they would like to see from her next.”

What do you think happened with Wanda Maximoff? Did she escape? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness is available to stream on Disney+

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