Marvel Fans Missed Jenna Ortega’s Cameo in Robert Downey Jr’s $1.2B Movie ‘Iron Man 3’

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Jenna Ortega has recently become the face of entertainment thanks to her work in Netflix’s Wednesday. Fans have fallen head over heels for the actor’s brilliant performance and believe she was right on mark playing the eldest Addams sibling in The Addams Family spinoff.

Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega

However, even if Jenna Ortega came to the spotlight with Wednesday, it doesn’t mean that this was the first time she dipped her toes into the waters of the entertainment industry. While she was in the Disney show, Stuck in the Middle, she also did a few small roles here and there in some of the most-loved movies and TV shows, including Iron Man 3.

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Jenna Ortega’s Cameo in Iron Man 3

Jenna Ortega Iron man 3
Jenna Ortega in Iron Man 3

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Iron Man 3 focuses on another one of Tony Stark aka Iron Man’s adventures, this time revolving around a genetic manipulation that can give a person regenerative abilities – Extremis. Now, a clip from the Iron Man 3 is making rounds on the Internet as fans are surprised to see a familiar face in the movie.

Iron Man 3 was released in 2013 when Jenna Ortega was just ten years old. Even though the role she played in the movie was quite a minor one and the character had no name, she was the driving point for something much bigger. Her father, Vice President Rodriguez joined hands with Aldrich Killian to overthrow the government in the hope that Killian, the creator of Extremis, could help his daughter.


Now, how could Killian, the antagonist of the film, possibly be of any help to a child? Well, the Vice President’s daughter had lost her leg and Extremis can help her regenerate the lost limb. Rodriguez’s motive behind helping Killian was simply to see his daughter get better. As we know it, the plan didn’t come to fruition as Killian was defeated and Rodriguez ended up getting arrested.

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Praise for Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega in Wednesday
Jenna Ortega in Wednesday

Ortega found herself on the receiving end of a truckload of love and praise for her work as Wednesday Addams. Fans believe that she did a great job bringing the character to life with her portrayal. The love she is getting seems to be fair, especially after how dedicated she was toward the role. Apparently, Ortega had a whole mood board for what she wanted her character to be like, which somehow included the singer, Billie Eilish. The actress even had to take a few classes for the role, including learning German, playing the cello, and some archery and fencing classes.


She even did her own research on the Goo Goo Muck dance which is heavily trending on the Internet. She stated that she got her inspiration from videos of “goth kids dancing in clubs in the 80s.”

Ortega certainly gave all that she had for the role and she is now reaping the fruit of her hard work as fans loved her as the lovable yet intimidating Wednesday. We can’t wait for season two, which has been officially announced!

Wednesday season one is available to stream on Netflix.


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