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Marvel Fans Share Their Encounters With MCU Actors

Marvel Studios has created a universe so interconnected that it’s unachievable by anyone else. With compelling storylines and box office hits, the MCU now stands at its peak with the mind-blowing Phase 4. But what makes it so great? Of course, there could be several elements, but the one that stands out is the team of actors. It’s no surprise that they’re absolutely smashing when it comes to playing their character. But be it reel or real life, the modesty never leaves. Speaking on that note, some Marvel fans have shared their encounters with some MCU actors. Let’s have a look!

1. Chris Evans

From Redditor u/Vigz11:

“I’m from MA. One of my good friends is a barber and I watched him cut Chris Evans’ hair. Had a good conversation, great guy, and left him a $100 tip. Chris is from our area.”

2. Hayley Atwell

MCU Actors
MCU Actors

From Redditor u/steve32767:

“Hayley Atwell – really sweet and seriously beautiful. I fumbled my words like an idiot.”

3. Scarlett Johansson

From Redditor u/IwishIwasTegmark:

“I met Scarlett Johansson through a friend who works as a hairstylist in Hollywood. She was nice, made small talk with me, and then let me take a picture.”

4. Benedict Cumberbatch

Marvel Fans Share Their Encounters With MCU Actors
Marvel Fans Share Their Encounters With MCU Actors

From Redditor u/Gandalf-the-fool:

“Sat next to Benedict Cumberbatch whilst eating street food in Malaysia. He was eating dinner and I was about to leave, I went over and apologized a lot that I was disturbing his dinner but I had to say ‘hello.’ He offered to take a photo with me, asked me my name and shook my hand and I saw him give the rest of his food to a homeless man nearby. So yeah pretty nice man with a very soothing voice.”

5. Chris Hemsworth

From Redditor u/eyeslikedeadgrass:

“I met Chris Hemsworth last year at the restaurant I worked at. I often joked that I moved to Australia to find him and then one day, all of the sudden, he’s in my restaurant walking up to the host stand. He politely asked to be moved to a quieter area. While I was slightly disappointed that he wouldn’t be sitting in my section, I awkwardly smiled and directed them to a more secluded section. He and his wife couldn’t decide which table so I made some lame joke about sitting at two separate tables and throwing the food at each other (this was a 6 star resort restaurant, boss did not like hearing that comment). They sat, I put a napkin on his lap, almost s*** myself, and their dinner went smoothly. The end.”

Source: Ranker

Written by Deepak Vasisht