Marvel Fatigue Brings New Form as Fans Protest New Zombie Project Led By Scarlet Witch: “I want fresh stuff”

Zombie Scarlet Witch could feature in the upcoming 'Marvel Zombies' and fans are not happy.

Marvel Fatigue Brings New Form as Fans Protest New Zombie Project Led By Scarlet Witch: “I want fresh stuff”


  • Superhero fatigue is not just about the multiple concepts being repeated but also the thought of seeing the same character being used again and again.
  • Marvel wanting to use the Scarlet Witch for a zombie projects seems more so as an attempt of overly milking the cow.
  • Fans have found themselves divided in debate over whether or not it is a good idea to have the Scarlet Witch featuring in 'Marvel Zombies'.
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been experiencing superhero fatigue for a few years now. With every new project that comes out, fans have been complaining about how they are tired of seeing the same old stories and plot elements in every new superhero that comes out, and there are quite a lot. This, along with the sheer amount of new characters that have been or are going to be introduced in the fourth and fifth phases, has resulted in fans growing tired.

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

It would seem that another aspect that fans have grown wary of, is the same character being used in new projects. They complain of a lack of fresher ideas. The latest victim of this fatigue is the upcoming miniseries, Marvel Zombies, and an older character who will play a big role in it.

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Marvel Zombies Will Feature The Zombie Scarlet Witch

A zombified version of the Scarlet Witch was introduced in Marvel’s What If…? and she was certainly one of the scarier aspects of the show. Considering how powerful Wanda is when she is in her senses, it is terrifying to see what happens when she is a zombie. While there is absolutely no doubt that fans adored this character, it would seem that they are having a change of heart after a recent rumor.

Marvel Zombies variant of Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2
Marvel Zombies variant of Scarlet Witch

It has been revealed by CanWeGetSomeToast on X, that the upcoming mini-series, Marvel Zombies, will feature this version of the Scarlet Witch. Also being known as the Dead Queen, she will be the villain of the series. She will also have a zombified Okoye by her side as her second in command.

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The News Is Having Mixed Reactions By Fans

Ever since this news was announced, it seems to have split the fandom into two. there is one half that is extremely excited about this, considering how iconic the character was. On the other hand, fans are skeptical and grow wary of this character. Some question just how many times Marvel will use this character since she has already been featured in What If…? multiple times.

Marvel Zombies
Marvel Zombies

Some are looking at alternative routes, questioning why Zombie Thanos is not the villain of the upcoming series, as he played a very big role at the end of the original series. Some even want only zombies to be the villains of the series rather than specific zombies. They want new storylines with new characters rather than reusing ones from other projects over and over and milking the same cow.


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