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Marvel Fuels Midnight Sons Team-up Project With Secret Lilith Casting, Report Claims

Marvel Fuels Midnight Sons Team-up Project With Secret Lilith Casting, Report Claims

Fans are familiar with Marvel’s various leagues of heroes, and it seems the upcoming phases of the MCU will introduce a new squad to watch out for: the Midnight Sons. They are a team of supernatural heroes meant to protect the world from evil forces. They also possess a diverse range of abilities, creating a formidable club of defenders.

Midnight Sons
Midnight Sons

The Midnight Sons is one of the most popular teams in the Marvel universe, and it is now high time the studio should produce a project that will explore its myth. The richness of their stories in the comics will make way for several crossovers with various characters and franchises under the MCU.

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Rumored Casting Of Lilith Hints Potential MCU ‘Midnight Sons’ Debut

A report recently surfaced that Marvel secretly cast someone as Lilith. The name does ring a bell because her character is largely based on the Bible, a fallen angel who manipulated men to conquer kingdoms and create her own evil band of armies. She is also known as the most powerful enemy the Midnight Sons ever faced.

One of the key members of the glorious team is Ghost Rider, the motorcycle guy with a flaming skull. Another fellow is Doctor Strange, a former neurosurgeon who acquired mystical powers after an accident rendered his hands paralyzed.

The team also includes Blade, the half-vampire who serves in humanity’s defense against evil beings. Morbius is also a part of the squad, a man of science who transformed into a vampire-like creature after an experiment went wrong. Last, but not least, the warrior Moon Knight who possesses the powers of the Egyptian god Konshu.

Lilith Midnight Sons

Aside from Lilith, the Midnight Sons have also challenged supernatural villains the likes of Mephisto, Zarathos, and Dracula. With a strong ensemble of villains and heroes, a Midnight Sons movie would absolutely look epic on the big screen.

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Marvel Studios Has Everything To Launch ‘Midnight Sons

The giant enterprise already introduced several members of the Midnight Sons enough to build its own franchise. The studio is also slowly embracing darker themes and storylines in movies and TV shows, and fans are quite vocal about their enthusiasm for more gory scenes. Indeed, the table has been set for a much-anticipated Midnight Sons project.

Midnight Sons 2
Midnight Sons

There is still no confirmation from the studio about a film or show featuring the Midnight Sons, although the rumored casting of Lilith does ignite a flicker of hope that this project will push through. Since Marvel Studios already announced its roster of MCU titles for Phase 5, it will most likely find its place somewhere after this period. So far, there are no reports of any team developing the narrative.

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