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11 Marvel Gender Bend Superhero Fan Art

Marvel heroes as females

In 1939, an American Citizen named Martin Goodman created a comic book and related media company.

Which later became world-famous,and goes by the name of Marvel Comics.

And since the dawn of time, Marvel has been the home for several superheroes and heroines.

It has been a place where powerful and intelligent superheroes and heroines like Iron-man, Captain America, Thor, Black widow, Captain Marvel, and the whole of Avengers live.

So imagine if the Avengers are having a fight with Loki The God of Mischief and casts a spell that transforms all the Avengers, including Nick Fury, into gender-bend superheroes.

But somehow, during this spell, Loki is also converted into a gender-bend villain. How cool will that be?

So today, Fandom Wire has decided to compile a list of these gender-bend superheroes. Sounds thrilling, let us hop into it!

1. Nicole Fury By Samantha Irwin:

2. Gender-Bend Hawkeye By Circus Maye:

3. Gender-Bend Captain America By  Neoartcore on Deviant Art:


4. Iron Woman By Neoartcore On Deviant Art:

5. Lady Thor By Rai Chiyo On Deviant Art:

6. Spider-Woman By Jakal On Deviant Art:

7. Gender-Bend Ant-Man By Neoartcore On Deviant Art:

8. Lady Dr. Strange By  Maby Min On Deviant Art:

9. Gender-Bend Black Panther By NeoartCore On Deviant Art:

10. Winter Soldier By Sandra Shrader:

11. Lady Loki By Mooshihead On DeviantArt:




Written by FandomWire Staff

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