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Marvel Turns Ghost-Rider into the All Rider, the Most Important Warrior of the Multiverse

ghost rider becomes all rider marvel

During the preview of the latest Avengers Forever volume by Marvel Comics, Marvel may have hinted at Robbie Reyes’ Ghost-Rider being the most crucial warrior in the multiverse. According to the first look of the comic book, he will join Earth’s mightiest heroes from across space and time in what is supposed to be an epic battle to save the Multiverse.

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Ghost Rider

Earlier Robbie Reyes’ Ghost-Rider appeared on Marvel’s Agent of Shield. Actor Gabriel Luna played the character in the Marvel series, but the character has had an elevated role in comics recently. He is one of the important characters in the Avengers Forever series.

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Ghost-Rider to Appear as All-Rider in Avengers Forever

The ultimate form of Ghost Rider will be revealed in the upcoming Avengers Forever comic storyline. Ghost Rider has been to different realities across the multiverse trying to stop the Multiversal Masters of Evil, who are continuously trying to destroy and control the Multiverse. In the upcoming Avengers Forever series, he will be going through different realities to save them as the mysterious All Rider.

rumored cameos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness
Ghost Rider

Earlier in Avengers Forever #2, Deathlok tells the torched hero that he is not like other Ghost Riders that he met across the Multiverse. He also says that he is different and none of them are like him, he calls himself the All-Rider and the Multiversal Spirit of Vengence.

In the preview of the comic Avengers Forever #11, Robbie Reyes will join the Avengers from across the multiverse and will take up a unique role among them. The preview also confirms that he is the only version of himself in space and time and no other Robbie Reyes exists.

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What is Avengers Forever?

Avengers Forever is a team of different variants of the greatest heroes in the MCU so far. They work together to stop the darkest threat across the cosmos. The team consists of Deathlok, Ghost-Rider, and Tony Stark as Ant-Man.

Robbie Reyes’s Ghost-Rider Look in Avengers Forever

A glimpse at what Robbie Reyes would look like as Ghost Rider is revealed in the cosmic cover from Aaron Kuder.  Not just All-Rider, the comic also contains the most powerful version of the Earth’s Mightiest heroes as a team to save the Multiverse together.

ghost rider 3

Keeping in view that Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider or his most powerful form as All-Rider will be able to take down Multiversal Masters of Evil. With the most powerful Avengers from the Multiverse as a team, the comic book is all ready to set an epic battle across different realities.

The comic book will be available in book stores and online retailers in November.

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