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Marvel Gives Jane Foster MAJOR Weapon Upgrade, Makes Her Way More Powerful Than Thor

The upcoming chapter of Marvel Comics shows Jane Foster wielding a flaming sword in an official preview. CBR received an official preview from Marvel for Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #3, which will soon be going to show up in comic shops.

Jane Foster as Mighty Thor, Marvel Comics
Jane Foster as Mighty Thor, Marvel Comics

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The book is from the writer Torunn Gronbekk, followed by artist Michael Dowling, colorist Jesus Aburtov, and letterer Joe Sabino. In the preview, she takes Mjolnir into war against S’ym, but it was shortly disarmed. At that exact moment her all-weapon, Undrjarn, bonds and turns into the promethium arrowhead in her hand, and that’s how the massive, flaming sword was made.

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Jane Foster Gets an Upgraded Weapon

Marvel gives our new Mighty Thor an upgraded weapon
Marvel gives our new Mighty Thor an upgraded weapon

We know that Jane Foster succeeded Odinson as the God of Thunder when the latter was considered unworthy of wielding Mjolnir. But after wielding the legendary hammer, she had become the Mighty Thor.

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Although her time as Thor ultimately came to an end, leaving Odinson to save his title as the God of Thunder, she later achieved the mantle of Valkyrie as a role in the War of the Realms event. By the events of comics, Thor Odinson had achieved the role of All-Father of Asgard. After Thor goes missing, however, she is called upon to wield the Mjolnir once again.

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Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #3, Marvel Comics
Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #3, Marvel Comics

The official synopsis reads:

The battle against the Dark Elves and their allies rages on in Asgard, and the warriors of the Golden City are losing – badly. Rúna the Valkyrie has managed to stave off total defeat, but Asgard desperately needs Thor. Can Jane find clues to the Thunder God’s whereabouts in Limbo – or will she lose herself to S’ym’s dark magics?

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Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor (2022) #3 (Variant) is going to publish on August 10, written by, Torunn Gronbekk, sketched by Michael Dowling along with the cover artist Peach Momoko.


Written by Shreeparna Das