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Marvel Has A Mister Fantastic Variant That Can Easily Beat Scarlet Witch

Marvel characters are fascinating. Consider, Mister Fantastic. He has an incredible IQ and was a part of the Fantastic Four. He has another variant. The Ultimate universe form of Reed Richards, The Maker.

The Maker has an interesting backstory and is very powerful. He started out as a hero but ultimately became a villain. We take a closer look at this character in this article. What do you think of The Maker? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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The Maker: A Mister Fantastic Variant

Mister Fantastic has a much stronger version in the form of the Maker
A picture of the Maker

The Ultimate universe version of Reeds Richards – The Maker was introduced in Ultimate Fantastic Four#1. An experiment goes wrong and Richards with his companions are drawn into a dimensional breach. When they came out of that, they had powers and formed the Fantastic Four. He is practically immortal and is one of the smartest persons in the world.

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The Backstory Of The Maker

Mister Fantastic has a much stronger version in the form of the Maker
The Ultimate Universe version of Reed Richards

Reed faked his death at one point and killed his parents. He allied himself with invading aliens and when his teammates found out about his treachery they attacked and attempted to kill him. He was again presumed dead. However, he was very much alive. He improved his brain and changed his name to the Maker. He spent the next millennium creating genetically altered superhumans. They were called the children of tomorrow and were to fight the Ultimates.

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The Maker and The Secret Wars Event

Mister Fantastic has a much stronger version in the form of the Maker
The Maker

Upon learning about the incursions that were about to happen, The Maker manipulates the Ultimates to get them to attack Earth-616 preemptively. He deploys his doomsday weapon to defeat the Earth-616, but he fails. The Maker, however, is able to escape via a raft.

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