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Marvel Hero Strangling Enemy With His Own Intestine Was a Turn Off For George Clooney, Who Rejected Millions of Dollars From Marvel to Star With Robert Downey Jr and Avengers Stars

Marvel Hero Strangling Enemy With His Own Intestine Was a Turn Off For George Clooney, Who Rejected Millions of Dollars From Marvel to Star With Robert Downey Jr and Avengers Stars

When we think of the word suave and stylish, Hollywood star George Clooney immediately comes to mind. The Oscar-winning actor is one of the most popular stars in entertainment with a gamut of roles that have showcased his charismatic screen presence as well as his impressive acting chops. Clooney also worked his charm as a superhero when he played one of DC’s biggest superheroes, Batman in 1997’s Batman and Robin.

George Clooney
Oscar winner George Clooney

Interestingly, the Syriana star was also considered by Marvel Studios to play a marquee character who would turn out to be the main link between the various superheroes in the MCU. Clooney though, stepped down from this massive offer owing to the gory reputation associated with the character in the comic books.

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George Clooney Almost Played Marvel’s Nick Fury

It is impossible to imagine anyone other than Samuel L. Jackson playing the character of Nick Fury in the MCU films. The veteran star was a dominant presence as the Director of S.H.I.E.LD who galvanizes the efforts of the Avengers, thereby forming one of the most important links in the Marvel universe. This part though, was originally offered to George Clooney which the Ocean’s Eleven star shockingly turned down.

Nick Fury
George Clooney refused to play the role of Nick Fury owing to this violent scene in the comic book.

The Descendants actor who was initially keen on the role, changed his mind after reading Garth Ennis’ six-issue miniseries Fury, published in 2001. This issue which was known for its graphic violence and gore, had a sequence in which Nick Fury strangles an enemy soldier with his own intestines. This scene proved to be too extreme in nature for Clooney who was unwilling to depict it on screen. But as fate would have it, when Samuel L. Jackson stepped on board, he was presented a revamped version in which the violence was toned down with the intestines segment being dispensed with completely.

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Will George Clooney Return To DC As Batman?

At the end of 2023’s The Flash starring Ezra Miller, Barry Allen’s messed up universe seemed to set of an intriguing chain of events in which a surprising cameo by George Clooney as Batman sent fans into a tizzy. Following the reveal, netizens flooded social media with burning questions about the possibility of Clooney reprising his role as Batman in the upcoming film The Brave and the Bold after taking on the character in 1997’s Batman and Robin.

George Clooney
George Clooney as Batman in 1997’s Batman and Robin

DC head James Gunn though, has clarified this speculation once and for all by revealing that The Perfect Storm star will not be revisiting his character in The Brave and the Bold. Gunn also confirmed that the casting for the role was not underway yet. This news served as a disappointment for fans of George Clooney who were eager to see the charismatic actor enter the DCU as Batman.

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