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Marvel Hero Who Terrified Fans With Her Powers in X-Men Movies Can be the Worst Nightmare of DC’s Justice League

Marvel Hero Who Terrified Fans With Her Powers in X-Men Movies Can be the Worst Nightmare of DC's Justice League

Marvel vs. DC comparisons often lead fans to realize the strengths and weaknesses of their favorite superheroes. While the Justice League has an out-of-the-world team (both metaphorically and literally), some of the Marvel heroes can single-handedly challenge the entire DC superhero team. Among them is a Marvel superhero who terrified fans with just a glimpse of her superpowers in the X-Men live-action films.

Marvel comics
Marvel Comics

In Marvel comics, Rogue / Anna Marie runs away from her home and finds herself adopted by the villainous mutants, Mystique and Destiny. Initially, Rogue joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants but later defects to the X-Men’s side. However, in the 2000 X-Men live-action film, Rogue is rescued by Wolverine and directly joins the X-Men.

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Rogue’s Superpowers In Marvel Can Prove Too Much For DC’s Justice League

Rogue vs Carol Danvers in Marvel Comics
Rogue vs. Carol Danvers in Marvel Comics

Rogue possesses the superpower to drain and absorb the powers of other superheroes. In X-Men 2000, she first realizes her power when she kisses her boyfriend and puts him into a coma. Although her backstory is a little different in the comics, her powers remain as dangerous in the live-action adaptation. However, the movie primarily focuses on her internal struggles from dealing with powers that prevent her from any kind of physical intimacy.

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In the comics, Rogue overdraws power from Carol Danvers, who had a fight with Mystique and the Brotherhood. Carol Danvers, who was then known as Ms. Marvel, loses her superpowers to Rogue temporarily and recovers at the X-Men mansion. Rogue gains new powers from Ms. Marvel including flight, super strength, and enhanced durability.

However, in the fight, she also drains some parts of Carol Danvers’s mind, causing her to doubt her sanity and ultimately leading to her defection. The power of a mutant who can drain even Captain Marvel’s mind is astounding on so many levels. It’s worth noting that Captain Marvel is also among the worthy contenders who could take the entire Justice League on her own.

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Could Marvel’s Rogue Really Defeat DC’s Justice League?

Anna Paquin as Rogue in X-Men series
Anna Paquin as Rogue in the X-Men series

The Justice League would certainly put up a great fight if Rogue were to become an evil supervillain for the superhero team. If such a situation arises, the one battle to watch out for is that of Superman vs. Rogue. The big question is whether Rogue can fully drain the Kryptonian hero’s full powers and transform into a supergirl herself.

As it turns out, she can. In Marvel comics, the character synonymous with Superman is Hyperion, often referred to as Marvel’s Superman. In one of the comic arcs, the shady character teams up with Rogue in an attempt to save Earth from an imminent meteor collision. In order to save the planet, Rogue draws controlled power from Hyperion and turns into a supergirl.

But the story takes a tragic turn for the character as she exhausts her powers in her efforts. Hyperion abandons her when he realizes that Earth is beyond saving. It appears that Rogue possesses certain weaknesses after all, which have more to do with her personality than her superpowers.

Anna Paquin plays Rogue in the live-action films, X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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All X-Men movies are now available for streaming on Disney+.

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