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What Happens To Marvel Heroes When They Fail On Screen?

SPOILER ALERT for Avengers Annual #1!

Almost everyone wants the opportunity to play a coveted character from Marvel. The lucky ones touch the skies with their success. But if the film or show fails, Marvel will wipe off the entire existence of the character, even from the comic books. It’s one thing to kill off a hero, but a whole other thing to pretend that a significant band of heroes never existed in your universe. In the recent issue of Avengers Annual #1, Captain America and Iron Man are looking for the missing Infinity Stones and their hosts. During this search, a humanoid AI named Ward emerges in the story. The scene begins with him being surrounded by angry humans at a diner who are not so welcoming towards “robots”. As someone who prefers the term “synthetic person”, Ward takes offence on being called a “robot”.

He decides to explain how everyone came into existence. Ward further adds that there are three types of sentient and sapient beings- humans, mutants, and synthetics. According to him, all these beings share a common home and history on planet earth. Shockingly, comic book fans didn’t find Ward name the fourth group- Inhumans.

Let’s Rewind Back

The Inhumans obtained powers from Terrigen Mists and appear to be regular humans until exposed to the Mists. They have been a significant part of Marvel Comics and have appeared in several adventures of the comic books. Apparently, this group got Marvel’s attention ever since the company lost rights to X-Men. They were created to replace Xavier’s army in their own spiteful manner.

What Happened to Inhumans?

As we all know, the fate of most of the characters now depends on their onscreen performance. Guardians of the Galaxy earned the spotlight on pages after their box office hits. Similarly, Inhumans have apparently lost the status after their TV show bombed. The cosmic heroes made their onscreen debut with the 2017 TV series Marvel’s Inhumans. But its low viewer rate not only ended the show but also led to Marvel’s Death of the Inhumans miniseries. And now that the X-Men are back, Marvel has moved on from its rebound of Inhumans.

Comic Book: Avengers Annual #1!

Written by: Jed Mackay 

Art by Travel Foreman and Colors by Jim Campbell