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Marvel: 6 Minor Characters With Main Character Energy

Marvel prides itself on its diverse and iconic characters who have helped build this empire of visual storytelling. Everyone literally knows every character’s name down to the most minute roles. With big names like Tony Stark or Captain America, it’s easy to determine their significance in the films.

But what about those with smaller roles? They also contribute a large portion of their work into the entirety of the production, and for some, they are considered fan favorites. These side characters give off charismatic vibes that pull them to the main center of attention. Here are some minor Marvel characters that truly deserve the spotlight:

Yelena Belova

Florence Pugh Yelena Belova Marvel

Yelena appeared in Black Widow and Disney Plus’s Hawkeye as a minor character. But her presence and energy? – main character worthy. She effortlessly just commands attention with her badass attitude and witty comebacks.

She has this aura where she looks dangerous and intimidating, but she’s actually fun to be with. Florence Pugh really did a great job being a Russian spy.

Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness Marvel

She’s the nosy yet fun neighbor in Disney Plus’s WandaVision. She was later revealed to have a bigger and more significant role in the show which made her even more spotlight-worthy. She is one of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel comics and that elevates her status to that of Wanda Maximoff.

And to make the show truly her own, Agatha took over the entire seventh episode and called it “Agatha All Along.”

Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts Marvel

The secretary-turned-CEO of Stark Industries gives us girl boss vibes. She singlehandedly ran Tony Stark’s company, and on top of that, she even gained superpowers in the third Iron Man film.

In the Avengers: Endgame, we finally saw Pepper wear the suit called Rescue Armor during the battle against Thanos.

Colleen Wing

Colleen Wing Marvel

In the Netflix series, Iron Fist, we met Colleen Wing, a martial artist who became an ally to Danny Rand. We have to admit that she literally outshone the lead character in this show. Colleen looked so much stronger and more capable than the Iron Fist himself.

Fans were also expecting more of her in every episode. As she emerges as the new Iron Fist in the sequel, we can fully confirm that she really has that main character energy.

Darcy Lewis

Darcy Lewis

Darcy’s hilarious personality has been stealing the show since the first Thor movie. She works as an assistant to Jane Foster, and fans can definitely tell that she’s got the brains behind those witty jokes and weirdness that she shows.

She always makes her presence known and is not afraid to express her opinions. Darcy just effortlessly draws people towards her bubbly personality.

Ned Leeds

Ned Leeds

Also known as the Chair Guy, Ned Leeds plays the role of Peter Parker’s best friend. He’s the quintessential nerd friend who works behind computers to aid the superhero in his fights. But Ned somehow manages to get past that role – he shines as his own character, and fans actually look out for him.

Now that Ned has been hinted at a potential new role for the next Marvel movie, we can hope he will land a bigger shoe to fill in to match his main character energy.