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Marvel Just Made the Hulk Worthy of Mjolnir

In the vast universe of Marvel, Bruce Banner’s Hulk has taken off several improvements from time to time. His snapped psyche has achieved extraordinary sentient iterations, including Joe Fixit and the Savage green goliath, they all have been adaptive according to the conditions. And also, a few things upgrades while they require more power, as we saw with his Devil form.

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Bruce Banner's Hulk
Bruce Banner’s Hulk

Recently, the destroyer form is known as “Titan Hulk.” As the “Banner of War” continues, the Jade Giant almost acquired his strongest one yet in Thor #26.

Marvel Gave Hulk His Most Mightiest Form Yet

The Starship Hulk form
The Starship Hulk form

This form appeared in the fight in a void known as the Black Hand of God. If we talk about his Starship form, he radiated so much gamma energy that Thor got contaminated and changed into a Hulk himself. Iron Man also attempted to interfere but his Celestial suit was almost destroyed and could do nothing but watch this powerful Thor beat the Starship form. This reaffirms the strength of Thor combined with gamma energy resulting in the absolute destroyer.

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Somehow, Banner figured out a deal with Odin as an idea to save the Jade Giant. He had somehow puzzled out how his gamma rays were overpowering his Asgardian son. He wanted to confirm that curse didn’t further oppress his son or Asgard. Thor himself demolished the Bifrost bridge when Sif tried to take him home, so Odin preferred to stop this. It resulted in the ex-king occupying Mjolnir and flying through towards his son.

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Thor's transformation in 'Banner of War'
Thor’s transformation in ‘Banner of War’

Very surprisingly when Thor’s transformed form tried to grab it, they smashed his hand and took off to Starship form. It turns out, that Odin decided to supply his power with Starship Hulk, transforming him into a capable warrior known as the Mighty jade giant. It’s an amazing image to see his upgraded form with his helmet, wearing Asgardian armor, and grabbing Mjolnir. To add more to the scene, he even bent Thor’s hubris, urging him for a confrontation.

We can’t ignore the fact that this kind of fight is highly in demand for the fans. The idea has passed from comics to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ragnarok. Still, this one is on a different level, pumping them up like never before! And also offering them a battlefield to cut easily with a fatal goal.

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