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“Marvel knows how to unlock the Rubik’s cube”: Emilia Clarke Was Surprised After Joining $25 Billion Franchise With ‘Secret Invasion’

"Marvel knows how to unlock the Rubik’s cube": Emilia Clarke Was Surprised After Joining $25 Billion Franchise 'Secret Invasion'

Emilia Clarke, the beauty known to the world as Daenerys Targaryen from the HBO show Game of Thrones has joined Marvel Studios. The actress has been officially confirmed to join Marvel stars Samuel Jackson and Cobie Smulders for the series Secret Invasion.

When the Last Christmas actress sat down for a chat, she talked about her experience working with Marvel Studios and being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Clarke, Marvel knows how to work in unity and knows how to “unlock the Rubik’s cube”  (unlike some other cinematic universe that people know of).

Emilia Clarke will be a part of the MCU.
Emilia Clarke will be a part of the MCU.

Emilia Clarke Loves Working With The Marvel Team

Although not much information has been made publicly available about her role in the MCU, Emilia Clarke did reveal her experience on the sets of Secret Invasion. It has been announced that Clarke will join alongside Marvel veterans Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Don Cheadle, and, Martin Freeman.

Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones.
Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones.

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After fulfilling the prophecy of Daenerys Targaryen in the final season of Game of Thrones (although it was a terrible one), Emilia Clarke did admit that she liked working on independent films more than these big sets and heavy-budget projects. Marvel (being Marvel) is clearly an exception for the actress. According to the Me Before You actress, people over at Marvel Studios clearly knew how to work together as a team.

“It’s like everyone at Marvel knows how to unlock the Rubik’s cube, and you couldn’t even possibly — I can’t do a Rubik’s Cube to save my d*** life.”

The actress further continued,

“It just works! I’ve tried to understand it, and I’ve tried to be like, ‘Okay, logically how is this, how do you guys, what’s the…?’ They’re drinking some water over there. I don’t know what it is. It’s fabulous. […] They nail it. They just absolutely nail it. I’m not the only actor to say that working with them is just kind of brilliant. It really is. We had a lot of laughs. They’re just so chill, and I think I’m not that chill, and I think if I were them, I would be so unchill all the time.”

Well, the actress does seem to be having fun with the cast and crew of Marvel Studios as the people wait for any new updates or news regarding Clarke’s role in the MCU.

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Emilia Clarke Doesn’t Want To Work With The Big Leagues

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Marvel's Secret Invasion.
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Marvel’s Secret Invasion.

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The actress has been known for many roles in Hollywood throughout her career. It wasn’t long ago that she left her association with the big leagues to work for small independent films (or indie films). Emilia Clarke stated that she gets more creative freedom rather than working in the big leagues.

“The thing that I want most for the rest of my career is to work with as many auteurs and filmmakers in the independent film space and be as creatively fulfilled as I possibly can be. And I’ve had access to some incredible experiences and been able to work with some astonishing people,”

Since there are not many details regarding the upcoming series but people are waiting ecstatically for the return of the Mother of Dragons. Marvel’s Secret Invasion is expected to set a release date of sometime in 2023.

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