Marvel Could be Looking to Reboot ‘Inhumans’

Inhumans was first announced as a Phase 3 MCU movie that would have released in November of last year. Unfortunately, that film was cancelled and the characters were given a show on ABC that (after debuting) faced a barrage of hate from fans and critics alike.

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Beyond Netflix’s Defenders, Iron Fist and second season of Jessica Jones, this was Marvel’s biggest flop to date. Next-to-nobody was left begging for more. Instead, fans were desperate to see Inhumans axed or brought to the big-screen with a fresh coat of paint. It looks like Kevin Feige could potentially deliver on just that.

The show as we know will not be redeemed (like Iron Fist was) and has since been cancelled, but sources close to We Got This Covered have claimed that an Inhumans reboot is being discussed by Kevin Feige and co. Knowing that Disney are unveiling a streaming service, it is entirely possible that they will get the series treatment once more but with a much larger budget and Marvel Studios working hands-on this time around.

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The future of the MCU is unclear as of right now, especially with the acquisition of Fox’s Marvel properties. reboot would have an all-new cast but essentially the same story. Let’s just hope that this narrative is portrayed in a more entertaining manner with better writing, directing, casting and visuals!