Marvel May Have Already Secretly Set up a Backup Villain to Replace Jonathan Majors in Avengers 6

Marvel's next big bad is far too strong for the Avengers for good reasons.

Marvel May Have Already Secretly Set up a Backup Villain to Replace Jonathan Majors in Avengers 6


  • Marvel Studios may have the perfect backup villain for 'Avengers: Secret Wars.'
  • Jonathan Majors' dismissal from the studio has created a loophole into the future MCU projects.
  • However, it also gave birth to new possibilities as Beyonder may become the MCU's next best villain.
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After Jonathan Majors’ dismissal from Marvel Studios, things at the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline have posed a huge question regarding who would be the next big bad of MCU.

Kang the Conqueror was plotted to be the big bad in the upcoming Avengers 5 and Secret Wars!
Jonathan Majors as Kang. Credit: Marvel Studios

Majors’ Kang was slated to have a huge role in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, but continuing the franchise with Majors seems impossible. So, Marvel must look for a backup. Fortunately, they might just have the perfect backup villain, which would make sense following the current timeline.

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Marvel’s Next Big Bad Would Make Sense

Beyonder. Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel’s Multiverse Saga creates almost infinite variants of being including heroes and villains. Almost every variant of Kang, in particular, desires to be the ruler of the multiverse. But back to the next MCU big bad, since Jonathan Majors’ Kang is out of the picture, a  Cosmic Wonder theory claims that the ruler of the multiverse is the combination of two different characters, one being Kang and the other being The Beyonder.

The establishment of Beyonder as a Kang variant might work. For context, Beyonder from the race Beyonders created a pocket dimension outside space and time for the newborn generation. The theory further claimed that the baby Beyonder is actually the universe itself.

The Beyonder is unaware of other universes beyond his realm until an eventual crack of energy exposes the multiverse to him. He stumbles upon Earth to realize that the actual universe is way bigger than them. For him, humans are beyond his universe as he himself lived and has been his universe. Surely, he is omnipotent, and seeing the Earthlings, he wished to experiment on them by picking up heroes and villains to fight and whoever wins would be granted a wish, as per the original Secret Wars comic published in 1984.


However, the power combination of Kang and Beyonder would make Secret Wars the ultimate treat to watch as Beyonder as a Kang variant would be able to travel far into the future and do almost anything he wants. Still, Beyonder as a separate character exists in the MCU and may debut in the future.

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Kang as Beyonder?

Beyonder. Credit: Marvel Comics

There is one possible way for Nathaniel Richards (Kang) to be born as Beyonder in a separate universe. The time-traveling scientist could have discovered the multiverse and other variants of him trying to take over the multiverse. However, the takeover attempt is not free from destruction. But in this way, the actual character of Beyonder has more room for an independent MCU debut. So, Kang, being born as Beyonder doesn’t comply with the justification of him being the actual Beyonder. 


Regardless, the entity would be literally a God, and the multiverse would be under his thumb to do whatever he wished. The cosmic power of Beyonder integrating into Kang’s intelligence would create the hardest time for the Avengers to deal with. It would certainly be the power MCU would want after Majors’ MCU run is over. Kang as Beyonder or Kang stealing Beyonder’s power, in both cases, the new big bad would be an astounding and worthy villain for Avengers 6.

Avengers: Secret Wars will arrive in theaters on May 7, 2027.


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