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20 Marvel Memes To Get You Through This Weekend

Memes are one of those things that have been trending on the internet nowadays. Over time, memes have gotten more and more creative representing our favorite Marvel moments. A good laugh is a curve that sets everything straight, right? Especially for MCU fans, Marvel memes are the most needed elements to get them through this weekend. Without any further ado, let’s get into the Marvel memes zone to get a good laugh.

1. No one :

Literally no one:

Captain America:

2. From MCU to Disney

Have you seen a similar transformation like Thor somewhere? You have. Take Rapunzel for instance. Lol! Both are alike.

3. Consistency is the key

Being consistent is the mantra to lead a successful life. Ask MCU about it?

4. The horrible among the tops

We believe there is none like our superheroes. We also see Thanos as a rock collector, powerful but just some random rock collector.

5. Marvel’s “I’m just a civilian” starter pack

We suggest looking close in case you want to see the charm.

6. Steve Rogers y’all

Whoa! I can already hear the cheers. Keep ’em coming fellas!

7. Oh no!

The ‘oh no!’ faces of these two are perhaps the cutest thing on the Internet today.

8. Loki’s confidence is what we need at work. Lmao!

Boss is shouting from the background. Haha! We all have to agree that Loki is a mood.

9. Flexibility at its peak

If ‘Flexibility’ had a face it would probably be Loki’s.

10. The funniest of joke is on the people of Gamora’s Planet

This one is freaking hilarious. Lmao

11. A little bit of touch up and puff

People let’s get started with the tutorial already.

12. Captain America ft. Pokémon

Ugh! Please show us how you did that, Steve.

13. The audition begins

No offense, but it be like that always.

14. What is it with TVA? Always? Dang!!!

Why, TVA? Why? (*Crowd screaming in the background*)

15. How Avengers saving the City looks like

We love our superheroes anyway.

16. Relatable AF! No?

Are y’all ready cause I’m about to ask how often? Lmao!

17. Self-love is important. Ask Loki and Thor.

Odin explained it all. And we are here for it.

18. MCU brought the truest shit on the Internet.

Can we all yell “We need a BREAK!!!!” Yes, we all do.

19. The journey with Loki has been fun

The joy-ride has arrived.

20. Ah! My eyes! My eyes!

If your partner doesn’t do it the way Chris Hemsworth is doing then you might consider giving it a thought.

Written by FandomWire Staff