Marvel Releases Second Trailer for Black Widow

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These past few days have been exploding with movie trailers for comic book films, and now a new Black Widow trailer has joined in the fun.

The new Black Widow movie is set to kick off the new phase of Marvel films and is set to release in 2020. The film is set to have Scarlett Johansson return as Black Widow as well as introduce new characters. 

These new characters are to be played by Florence Pugh who has done work with Greta Gerwig for Little Women and David Harbour who is famous for his role in Stranger things. The film is also set to bring in Rachel Weisz who is famous for her work in the Favorite and The Mummy.

The new trailer doesn’t give much in terms of the movie’s plot but we do learn a few more details. The trailer gives us confirmation that this movie will happen after the events of Captain America: Civil War with Black Widow saying “I’m on the run”.  

The trailer also gives a few new scenes of Florence Pugh’s character operating closely with Natasha as she fights enemies. Hopefully, in this new movie, we will see the mysterious dynamic and past of Widow and Pugh’s character. 

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Part of this new trailer is also, of course, the intrigue as Natasha mentions “there is a new generation of Widow.” It is unclear who exactly the new generation of Widows are and what purpose they serve in the movie.

However, the best part of the trailer is the villain Taskmaster, with his iconic shield. For those who don’t know, Taskmaster is an enemy who can copy the exact moves of his opponent, and it is already shown here in the trailer with him copying the moves of  Black Widow.

Nevertheless. this new trailer brings excitement and intrigue in the Black Widow and if you want to know how this all plays out Black Widow comes out  on May 1 2020.

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