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Marvel Reportedly Keeping Patrick Stewart on Standby for Another Professor X Appearance in MCU

Marvel Reportedly Keeping Patrick Stewart on Standby for Another Professor X Appearance in MCU

The new and improved Marvel Cinematic Universe is steamrolling its way into the Phase Five production lineup with all hands on deck, and one of those hands just happens to be Professor X. With the Foxverse character now a part of the Marvel Multiverse, the arc of the mutant telepath just happens to be a ball of molding clay in the hands of the cinematic universe’s future writers.

As for the studio itself, Marvel looks to be in no position to pull back now, especially after Kevin Feige just announced that everything is up for grabs in this new era of mutability, metamorphosis, and multiversal chaos.

Sir Patrick Stewart [via the Smithsonian]
Sir Patrick Stewart [via the Smithsonian]
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The Incredible Build-Up of Professor X’s Arrival in the MCU

So far as the MCU is concerned, the new direction is already making all the noise, and rightfully so. With properties to back up the hype, the studio and its headlining cast have been hard at work promoting their individual lineups whenever and however they can. Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox has now brought all the Marvel properties under one umbrella – well, all except for those belonging to Universal [Namor, Hulk] and Sony [Spider-Man].

With the acquisition also came the first string of Foxverse easter eggs scattered all across Marvel’s yellow brick road. Ms. Marvel‘s changed genetic origin arc (from Inhuman to mutant) and She-Hulk: Attorney At Law hinting at a clawed man involved in a bar brawl raising enough heartbeats, the biggest nod toward the X-Men was given in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Professor X makes a cameo in Doctor Strange 2
Sir Patrick Stewart’s Professor X makes a cameo in Doctor Strange 2

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With an Earth-838 version of Professor X floating into the Illuminati HQ on his infamous yellow hoverchair, the indication that every universe has its very own versions of Avengers and X-Men was made canon. Since that brief moment of disbelief and excitement, the fans have waited with bated breath for the announcement of a Marvel X-Men movie. Well, looks like Patrick Stewart himself has an update for his fans in that regard.

Patrick Stewart Gives an Interesting Update on Professor X

With the hum of the X-Men’s arrival at the MCU also comes news of their chief commander, Professor X. In a recent interview involving Star Trek: Picard, Patrick Stewart has revealed — “I’ve been told to standby. I know nothing more than that, honest.” Although no promises followed in the aftermath of that cryptic message, the fans can easily put two and two together as to what it actually means. 

For the longest time, the dream of a Deadpool and Wolverine team-up has haunted the public consciousness. With Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman now making that a real possibility, the Deadpool 3 project then leaves the door wide open for Marvel to absorb the X-Men into its universe (which in turn makes the arrival of Professor X an easy possibility). 

The X-Men

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Considering how Jackman has also made clear that Deadpool 3 takes place a few years before the events of Logan, it would work to establish a timeline where Charles Xavier has still not succumbed to the madness of his powers. A functional Professor X making a last glorified stand in the MCU and ushering his children into their new home hand-in-hand with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine sounds too good to be real. Fortunately for the fandom, making such pipedreams come true just so happens to be right up Marvel’s alley. 

Deadpool 3 premieres on November 8, 2024.

Source: ComicBook

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