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Marvel Resurrects X-Men’s Best (But Forgotten) Villain

Marvel Resurrects X Mens Best But Forgotten Villain

Marvel’s X-Men is finally bringing back a forgotten villain in the name of Madelyne Pryor. She was one of those unexpected villains in the series, and now, fans will see her again!

Madelyne Pryor was created as Cyclop’s love interest. Chris Claremont, X-Men comic writer, thought that Cyclops should finally get his happily-ever-after story. The mutant had been denied of romance after he killed fellow mutant Jean Gray in the Dark Phoenix saga.

X-Men Madelyne Pryor
X-Men’s Madelyne Pryor

Jean Grey came back to life, and Marvel planned to reunite her with the rest of the X-Men team. Cyclops had to go back to work, and this did not fare well with his marriage to Madelyne Pryor. It was also revealed that Madelyne was indeed a clone of Jean Grey. The woman was furious, and it drove her to madness.

Madelyne transformed into a crazy supervillain; at one point, she was even willing to sacrifice her son in a satanic ritual to summon the Hell Dimension of Limbo. In 2012, Marvel writer Brian Wood created a story where Madelyne was resurrected from the dead. Unfortunately, there had been a new story that came along the way, and Wood was not able to continue Madelyne’s story.

Madelyne Cyclops X-Men
Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor

X-Men’s Madelyne Pryor Comes Back Stronger Than Ever

In 2020, the Hellions series was launched, and Madelyne is back on the scene. She remains to be a villain character and plays a significant role in the latest New Mutants story. She will be given a chance to rule the Limbo and her character perfectly fits the requirements.

Marvel recently announced their upcoming “Dark Web” event where Madelyne Pryor and Ben Reilly will work together to unleash chaos. This is a brand new opportunity for Madelyne to explore her powers outside of the X-Men universe. For a character that has been forgotten all these years, it is good to reintroduce her in a different light.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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