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Marvel Reveals How Wolverine Can Defeat Iron Man With A Single Blow


The invincible Iron Man may have the best and most well-built armor that can protect him from bullets or bombs, but a single strike from Wolverine can end his life.

It is true that Iron Man is one of the most skilled members of the Avengers team, and Wolverine is one of the deadliest mutants from X-Men. While they both fight for the good, they have different levels of abilities and weapons. This draws the line on who is more powerful, and in Marvel’s Iron Man #21 issue, it reveals that Tony Stark is no match for Logan.

Iron Man Wolverine
Iron Man and Wolverine

Iron Man’s armor is made of gold-titanium alloy which grants him both the offense and defense he needs. The Extremis armor and the Bleeding Edge suit were some of the special designs he made, including the Hulkbuster. On the other hand, Wolverine has bones of adamantium, an extremely durable yet rare kind of metal that can endure any force in the world.

This Is How Wolverine Can Take Down Iron Man

In Iron Man #21, written by Christopher Cantwell and illustrated by Angel Unzueta, Tony clashes with a foe supplied with adamantium ammunitions. As Stark headed for an escape, missiles started raining behind him, piercing his shin armor and damaging his flight controls. He fell from the sky before he could activate emergency protocol.

Iron Man 21 Adamantium-1 Wolverine
Marvel’s Iron Man #21

It is true that Wolverine has an exceptional self-healing ability, and one more fascinating thing about his anatomy is the skeleton completely sheathed in adamantium. His razor-sharp claws can penetrate even the strongest of metals – even Iron Man’s suit! A single strike on Stark’s shins can bring the Avenger down in seconds.

Wolverine Claws
Wolverine’s adamantium claws

This proves that even though Wolverine has no armor, he can survive more critical damage than Stark. He does not even need lots of bullets and bombs; his adamantium claws can slice through anything, even Iron Man’s best armors.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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