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Marvel Reveals Thor’s Real Mother Is The Phoenix Force!!

Marvel Reveals Thors Real Mother Is The Phoenix Force

That’s right folks. It is open season for the scribe that wrote Thor’s backstory. Marvel Comics just dropped the nuke on us all. Thor’s parentage has been revealed. And it is nothing like we had expected. Turns out, the Norse God of Thunder has two powerful parents. One is the All-Father Odin, the King of Asgard. His mother is not Gaea as it is stated in the comic books or Frigga like it is shown in the movies. Thor’s true mother is the extra-universal entity and the keeper of the Multi-Verse known as the Phoenix Force!!

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SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Avengers #43 up ahead. Enter at your own risk…

The Phoenix entity finally got a chance to talk to Thor in peace. There, the entity reveals that the Norse God of Thunder has the blood of Odin as well as the Phoenix running through his veins. The Phoenix Force even claims that it returned to earth after being banished because it wanted to reunite with Thor.

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In the same issue, the Phoenix was heard telling this:

“It’s not just the blood of the gods that flows through your veins. It’s mine as well,” The Phoenix says to the Odinson. When he tells her that Gaea was his mother, she replies: “Gaea was the lie. A necessary one. A reason for you to do what I knew your father never would. Protect the Earth. But believe me when I say you would not exist if not for the Phoenix. You are a child of Fire and Thunder. My child. I’ve come home to you at last, my son.” 

Before Jane Foster swoops in as Thor to save the day, the Phoenix entity manages to pass on a vital piece of information. The entity states and we quote:

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“She’s kept me buried inside her for thousands of years. But when the Final Host came to Earth…it pulled me out of the depths. The Phoenix remembers you now. Remembers her love for you. Whether she likes it or not. The Phoenix is wrestling with a mother’s fears. She hopes a new avatar will burn the pain away. Because of you, Thor. The Phoenix is here for you. Come to us. And feel the fire of your mother’s love.”

The next issue of the Avengers will show us a detailed view of the Phoenix-host tournament. Maybe that is where the evil machinations of the Phoenix Force be brought to life. Although there is a slight possibility that this might be a trap to make Thor drop his guard, we cannot rule out any and all scenarios for the moment.

Source: Comicbook

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