“Is Marvel Rivals going to put… on its deathbed?”: NetEase Fans are So Confident Over Upcoming Marvel Game They’re Certain it’s Going to Kill an 8 Year Old Game

Is this the end of Overwatch 2?

Marvel Rivals


  • Marvel Rivals is expected to challenge Overwatch 2 directly, potentially capitalizing on the latter's mixed reception and criticisms.
  • This strong initial interest positions Marvel Rivals as a formidable competitor to Overwatch 2 and could potentially be the reason for the latter's downfall.
  • Blizzard must prioritize working closely with the Overwatch 2 community to address their concerns and feedback.
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Since its first announcement, Marvel Rivals 2 has been drawing comparisons to Overwatch 2. The two games have a similar feel, being team-based PvP shooters. No surprise, many fans believe that Marvel Rivals will be a successor to Overwatch 2 and be the final nail in the coffin of an 8-year-old franchise that started with Overwatch back in 2016.


Given that Overwatch 2 has had mixed reception so far and has been in a downward trend this makes sense. However, success doesn’t come easy, and NetEase Games will have to release a really fantastic game to do so.

Overwatch 2’s Failure To Recreate The Magic of First Installment Might Push Marvel Rivals to the Top

Marvel characters are fighting in Marvel Rivals.
Is Marvel Rivals going to be the Overwatch 2 killer? Image credit: NetEase Games

NetEase Games’ Marvel Rivals has put popular superheroes in a PVP-style shooter and is directly going to compete with Blizzard’s Overwatch 2. No surprises; even though the game isn’t officially out yet, it has managed to turn a lot of heads courtesy of its beta phase and the decent fandom behind superheroes.


Obviously, the game’s rising popularity and much-anticipated launch could be detrimental to Overwatch 2’s success. At a glance, both games have a similar playstyle, and when you take into consideration Overwatch 2’s failure to make it big, this could really be the end of the franchise.

Fans have already started to make comparisons between both, and given that Blizzard’s title is wrapped in criticisms, this might be the perfect opportunity to strike. This was also evident in the recent beta, where many streamers from the Overwatch 2 community enjoyed playing Marvel Rivals.

It’s worth pointing out that despite Overwatch 2’s struggle, it’s arguably the most popular game in its genre. Although NetEase Games’ contender looks promising, we will have to wait to see how it pans out in the long run.


Will an Introduction of 6V6 Change the Fortunes of Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 player playing as Solider 76.
Is Overwatch 2 going to bring back 6v6? Image credit: Blizzard

While Overwatch 2 has been under scrutiny, the addition of 6V6 mode in the game could bring it back to popularity. The original Overwatch was a 6V6 game, and when it was revealed the second installment would be 5V5, many fans were disappointed.

Recently, Overwatch 2’s director, Aaron Keller, posted a tweet addressing the rumors regarding the 6V6 mode. According to him, the developers consider the talk regarding the 6V6 mode very important, and it’s soon going to be further addressed in the upcoming director’s take or possibly the dev update.

If the 6V6 mode does make it back to the game, it would be a huge win for the game’s community. Not only will it spark a new life in the game, but it will also match Marvel Rival’s 6V6 mode. Regardless, Blizzard needs to work with the Overwatch 2 community more for the game to continue being popular.


Do you think Marvel Rivals could outshine Overwatch 2? What do you think about the potential inclusion of 6V6 mode in Overwatch 2? Let us know in the comments below.


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