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Marvel Secretly Rejected This Movie Pitch Because They Have Plans For Howard The Duck

Howard The Duck

Howard The Duck

“Howard the Duck,” a 1986 comedy about the misadventures of a duck-like alien on Earth, is also part of the pre-MCU Marvel movies. Unfortunately, it was a critical failure, despite having George Lucas as a producer. That said, “Howard the Duck” became a cult classic in recent years, as reported in a retrospective coincident with the 35th anniversary of the film published by The Hollywood Reporter. THR’s work has revealed that Marvel could have plans for Howard the Duck in the MCU‘s future.

Lea Thomson has a soft spot for the movie

Marvel Secretly Rejected This Movie Pitch Because They Have Plans For Howard The Duck

THR spoke with Chip Zien, who voiced the Duck in the 1986 Marvel film. Also, Lea Thompson, who played Howard’s human companion Beverly Switzler, in honor of the film’s 35th anniversary. “Howard the Duck” has a special place in Thompson’s heart. Thompson remarked that she often tells that Howard the Duck fans are her favorite fans because they had to earn it! But, unfortunately, it was not jumping on the bandwagon.

“You know, Howard the Duck is so beloved for being so maligned,” she said. She also said that she goes to conventions and does Back to the Future panels with Michael Fox, Chris Lloyd, and Tom Wilson. She sits there, and she meets the fans, and a good one-third of them say that they are the only person who liked the movie. It’s hilarious.

Thompson retains a passion for Howard and tries to take him back to the silver screen. Together with plans to direct the movie, she and writers Joe Quinones and Chip Zdarsky said they had created a pitch for a new Howard the Duck movie and plans to direct it should it come together.

A movie is a possibility

Marvel Secretly Rejected This Movie Pitch Because They Have Plans For Howard The Duck

According to Thompson, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, said that Joe Quinones did some of the art for the pitch because he and Chip Zdarsky did the last run of Howard the Duck comic books. She also said that together with Chip, they came up with a really great pitch. She also mentioned, “Marvel liked the pitch, but they have different plans for the different characters.”

Thompson’s meeting with Marvel is interesting on its own, even if the movie does not have another chance to shine. However, an upcoming MCU project called “Howard the Duck,” especially one that has been close to the original comics, remains possible.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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