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Marvel: Spider-Man Replaces A Member of Fanstastic Four

Spider-Man became a part of Marvel’s First Family and this is not the first time. Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow is a part of Marvel’s new What If…? line. It asked the simple question of, “what if Spider-Man kept his symbiote suit?” Fantastic Four is the team that took over every comic character in the ’60s in terms of popularity. In the comics, Spidey has had a long relationship with the team and has teamed up with them on several occasions. And now, it has happened again. Spider-man has decided to join the Fantastic Four after one of his darkest battles. Check it out.

Spider-Man Replaces A Member of Fantastic Four

For Peter, this storyline is intense as he literally went on a killing spree. Under the influence of the dark symbiote, Peter killed his enemies such as Kingpin and Scorpion. However, after Parker got rid of the symbiote, it found a new host – Reed Richards. This obviously did not turn out well. With Richard’s brainpower, the symbiote was able to create more of his kind. These creatures then went on to bond with the Avengers that brought an onslaught on Peter.

Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow #5
Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow #5

Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow #5 is created by Chip Zdarsky, Pasqual Ferry, Matt Hollingsworth, and Joe Sabino. This time, the Fantastic Four is forced to fight the infected Avengers. However, Peter figures out that if he can stop Reed, then the Avengers will be free from the symbiotes. After offering for the sacrifice, Peter watched the symbiote leaving Reed’s body. But it killed Richards in the process.

The symbiote then bonds with Peter, but in reality, it was Johnny Storm using the image-inducing tech. In a surprising turn of events, Johnny then transforms into Human Torch and burns the alien symbiote alive. The issue then ends with Peter at Reed Richard’s funeral. It is now that Sue Storm offers Spider-Man to be a part of the Fantastic Four.

Previously, Peter has been a part of the Fantastic Four. Spider-Man and Wolverine both have been a part of the new Fantastic Four team Fantastic Four #347. Recently, Peter has got a new blue suit in Marvel’s Empyre Event alongside Wolverine. In The Amazing-Spider-Man #657, he became a part of the Future Foundation. So his history with the team is nothing new. However, the events that transpired in this new issue were pretty breathtaking.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht