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Marvel Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Reportedly Neck-and-Neck With DC Star Henry Cavill for James Bond Role

Marvel Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Reportedly Neck-and-Neck With DC Star Henry Cavill for James Bond Role

The James Bond franchise has been on a vigorous quest to find its new 007 after the exit of Daniel Craig from the franchise. Although Henry Cavill was initially considered the favorite after Craig, it seems the actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has turned up as the new contender for the role.

The Marvel star Aaron Taylor-Johnson seems to have caught the eyes of the Bond producer, as the Quicksilver actor is reportedly being considered the new frontrunner for the iconic role. But Henry Cavill isn’t much behind his new adversary, considering he was one of the first choices for James Bond before Daniel Craig acquired the role.

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Aaron Taylor Johnson
Aaron Taylor Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is reportedly the new favorite to play James Bond

After the exit of Daniel Craig from the helms of James Bond, there have been several actors that have been rumored to take the mantle from Craig, including the fan-favorite Henry Cavill. But it seems that the Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has found another contender for the iconic role.

The Bullet train star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who portrayed the role of quicksilver in MCU is reportedly being considered the new frontrunner to portray James Bond. According to some sources, the actor has already auditioned for the role of 007 and has shot some scenes for the Spy, including the franchise’s Iconic Gun Barrel sequence.  A source stated to The Sun that,

“Aaron went for a screen test to be the next Bond in September, and producers and Barbara loved him, He is now one of the front-runners. Aaron has impressed bosses so much that he has filmed one of the franchise’s famous gun barrel teaser scenes, something all the actors do.”

Although it appears that the search for the next Bond is coming to an end, Aaron Taylor-Johnson isn’t the only favorite for the role. As fans have been wanting to see the former Superman actor Henry Cavill in the role of 007 for many years.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver

Henry Cavill might beat his new adversary for the role of 007

The search for the next James Bond has circulated among many actors, including Edris Elba and Tom Hardy, but among all the actors, Henry Cavill turned out as the fan favorite. Fans have been wanting to witness the Man of Steel actor as the new James Bond.

Although Aaron Taylor-Johnson is at the forefront of the role at the moment, Henry Cavill has a big advantage over the quicksilver actor. According to Ladbrokes, Henry Cavill is currently the most popular James Bond pick of the year and confirms that he is one of the best choices for the role.

Besides all the fan support, Henry Cavill also meets the attributes of the character. The actor is also known for taking his maturity and confidence to the characters he portrays and fans are assured that the Man of Steel actor can be the best choice for continuing the six-decade legacy of James Bond.

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Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Even though Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s audition seems to have reportedly impressed the Bond producer Barbara Craig, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. And following the fan support behind Henry Cavill, these two actors seem to be the final contenders for the next James Bond movie.

Source: The Sun

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