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Marvel Star Chris Evans’ Dating Life Became a Hot Debate After Critics Tried to Cancel His Girlfriend Alba Baptista With Baseless Allegations

Marvel Star Chris Evans' Dating Life Became a Hot Debate After Critics Tried to Cancel His Girlfriend Alba Baptista With Baseless Allegations

Alba Baptista and Chris Evans have been going out for a while now. The two seem closer than ever and more in love than some toxic fans would like. When they first got together, the couple was bombarded with questions that were extended as concern and curiosity of the fans. Evans has been famously single during his career until now.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista
Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

He stated that if he were to date, it would be serious, considering how big of a romantic he is. Unfortunately, many fans have been trying to find excuses to gatekeep the actor and cancel Baptista in the process. However, there is still a majority of people who love and support the pair and how happy they make each other.

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Fans Want To Cancel Alba Baptista

The news of Alba Baptista and Chris Evans becoming serious has not been sitting well with a few fans. They have been constantly rallying against the actress in attempts of trying to cancel her. They are calling her racist without any proper proof or basis for these allegations. Even if there are tweets attached to their claims, none are from Baptista.

Chris Evans shared this picture on his Instagram story on Valentine's Day
Chris Evans with Alba Baptista

Some do state that there are tweets from her friends, but none of them actually originate from her. These allegations are purely baseless as an attempt to fuel fire against her and trying to break the happy couple apart. These ‘fans’ have also been disturbing flyers so as to grab negative attention for the actress. Especially with the rumors regarding them possibly being engaged soon. Alba Baptista and Chris Evans are so much in love that they spent Valentine’s Day together and even posted about it. These are just mere attempts and very poor at that, for the couple to break up, something which is highly unlikely to happen. They both seem very in love.

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Alba Baptista And Chris Evans Are Desperately In Love With Each Other

Alba Baptista and Chris Evans presumably started dating about a year ago. Evans is already a massive name in the Hollywood industry, especially because of his role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Baptista on the other hand is still making a name for herself.

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Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

Both have stolen each other’s hearts and are looking forward to settling into their lives. Evans, at the age of 41, has made it clear that he is looking forward to a life of settlement and one that can ultimately turn into a family.

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