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Marvel Star Confirms Secret Invasion Directly Leads To MCU Spinoff Movie

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There has been a lot of speculation since Marvel announced Secret Invasion, the franchise has not given a lot of plot details and kept the series hush-hush. Phase 4 of MCU received a very Lukewarm response, fans accused Marvel of focusing more on quantity and not quality. Series like She-Hulk, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have been bearing the brunt. Some movies received their due praise as well like Spider-Man: Now way Home and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever shined through and were loved by audiences.

Secret Invasion is a part of that change and the series could lead to a spin-off movie just like WandaVision set up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Six characters have been confirmed for the show including Nick Fury, Talos, Gravik, and Maria Hill.

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Don Cheadle reveals a spin-off movie set up by Secret Invasion

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Don Cheadle

Secret Invasion plays a very important part in the Marvel comic books, the storyline creates a lot of heroes and potential cosmic threats. The series will be a “crossover event series” as labeled by Marvel itself. This has created a lot of excitement among fans as to who could feature in the series.

In an interview the actor playing Tony Stark’s best friend James Rhodes aka War Machine, Don Cheadle revealed how the series will set up his movie Armor Wars which will be a spin-off. The actor also commented on MCU’s continued expansion saying it is bananas and a part of Secret Invasion will kick off Armor Wars.

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Cheadle in Iron Man

“It’s bananas! And it’s very expansive. And obviously, now that everyone can show up in everybody else’s story… I mean, I’m in ‘Secret Invasion’. So I’m in Sam [Jackson]’s show. There’s a part of that, that kicks off what happens in Armor Wars.”

He did not reveal what is “that part”, it could be his character development or some plot development that could potentially lead to Armor Wars. Armor Wars has created excitement also because it was going to be another series but the creators feel that the story is too important to be told on the small screen, they believe it is a spectacle people should witness on the big screen.

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Don Cheadle expresses concern about Marvel’s constant expansion

War Machine and Tony Stark

The actor also expressed his concerns about the constant expansion of the Marvel universe, he said hoping that there will be some quality control and the universe does not get spread too thin, these comments were in light of recent films and shows.

“So yeah, it can go on and on and on… hopefully it doesn’t get spread too thin. And there’s still some quality control and not just trying to expand for expansion’s sake. But there’s a clear idea about the storytelling and what you’re trying to accomplish with every iteration.”

Interestingly the actor nudged towards a more well-rounded, deep, layered character of War Machine. He commented on how his character has mostly been on the sidelines and no one really got to know him, this movie will probably delve into his character’s wants, feelings, and, how he is dealing with the loss of his best friend. The War Machine actor however confirmed that it will all be in line with the MCU lore.

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Don Cheadle2
Cheadle as War Machine

“I don’t think we’ve ever really dug into him, and now it’s an opportunity explore his emotional life, his interior life, his relationships, his trajectory, where he wants to go, what his challenges are. Obviously, you have to pay off the Marvel stuff. And be in the lore of the mythology of the character and the MCU in general. But trying to really build out this character and make him a three-dimensional dude… is what the goal [is]. So I’m excited about that.” 

Secret Invasion will release on Disney+ by the end of Spring 2023. The release date for Armor Wars is yet to be announced.

Source: Total Film

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