Marvel Star Jonathan Majors Fired From Two Major Movies Despite Being Proven Not Guilty While His Future as Kang in MCU Remains Undecided

Marvel Star Jonathan Majors Fired From Two Major Movies Despite Being Proven Not Guilty While His Future as Kang in MCU Remains Undecided

Things are looking gleam for Jonathan Majors, a few months back the actor was at the top of his career becoming the villain in phase 5 and phase 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor gained immense love and recognition from fans around the world, and critics praised the Creed III actor for his art and dedication to his roles, making him one of the most promising actors of this generation.

Jonathan Majors

However, the actor was arrested in late March for assaulting his girlfriend. Earlier there were reports which stated that after his arrest, Marvel held talks with the manager of the actor about his future in the franchise. While the Lovecraft Country actor is part of the MCU as of now, other executives from the industry did not hesitate to part ways with Majors despite the ongoing investigation.

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Jonathan Majors is Dropped From Two Major Projects

Prior to his arrest, the Devotion actor was attached to several big projects in Hollywood. However, an exclusive report coming straight from Deadline states that the Jungleland actor will no longer be a part of two projects, which he was either circling or lining up.

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Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror
Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror

The first project was Protagonist Pirctures’ The Man in My Basement, an adaptation of Walter Mosley’s novel of the same name, and the other project was Otis Redding’s biopic titled Otis and Zelma. In addition to losing his roles in the aforementioned projects, Jonathan Majors would also not be a part of the marketing campaign for the Texas Rangers basketball team.

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Jonathan Majors’ Acting Career is Under Threat

Following the arrest of the actor due to the charges of domestic violence, his public image has been ruined, while he is fighting tooth and nail to prove his innocence. However, reports from Deadline claim that Entertainment 360, the actor’s talent manager has reportedly stopped representing him. Moreover, Jonathan Majors will not be attending Met Gala 2023, when Valentino and Majors “mutually agreed” to not represent the brand.

Jonathan Majors

The fans of the Da 5 Bloods actor are worried about his future in the movie industry. However, due to the recent events in his private life, Majors’ career has taken a nose dive and fans are unsure if they would get to see the actor anytime soon in front of the camera.

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Jonathan Majors’ Hollywood Career Remains Uncertain

Majors had an explosive growth to stardom in the movie industry in 18 months, as fans loved him as He Who Remains in the first season of the Marvel TV Series Loki. Majors was outstanding in his role and fans wanted to see more of him, as he played the role of Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, while becoming the main villain for phase 5 and phase 6 of the franchise. The actor was also part of Creed III, the smash hit film at the Box Office featuring Michael B. Jordan.

Jonathan Majors in Creed III

However, it looks like the actor might lose all his stardom as well as his roles due to the ongoing investigation, his career remains in jeopardy, and if he gets the guilty verdict all his efforts will be for nothing. And the biggest question would be if Majors would be replaced by the Marvel Studios as his future remains in question.

Source: Deadline


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