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Marvel Star Mark Ruffalo Goes Green as Hulk Actor Turns into Climate Warrior for Renewable Energy Infrastructure: “If we don’t do it responsibly….”

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Mark Ruffalo has been an environmental activist for a decade now and has spoken about the threat that looms over human civilization. The MCU actor went across many panels condemning pipelines, going channels, and other MNCs that expose their workers or consumers to harmful chemicals.

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Mark Ruffalo attends The Avengers: Age Of Ultron European premiere

Mark Ruffalo has a long history of supporting indigenous tribes, including demonstrating on the ground at Standing Rock in 2016. Now, the three-time Oscar nominee is one of 65 celebrities who have signed an open letter requesting that the Royal Bank of Canada drop its involvement with Coastal GasLink, a 416-mile pipeline.

Mark Ruffalo calls for responsible Renewable Energy Infrastructure

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Mark Ruffalo

A report published by MIT Technology Review by Cassey Brown sheds light on how mining for minerals might reverse the benefits of Green fuel. There is an abundance of minerals that are required to build the infrastructure for renewable energy, however, mining those minerals might cause a lot more harm to the environment than good. Even the construction and rare mineral used in Renewable energy infrastructure will have a severe impact on the environment and its health.

The Spotlight actor commented on this report, highlighting how important it is to make sure that the infrastructure is built with more responsibility. The actor wrote,

“…we technically have enough materials to build renewable energy infrastructure, actually mining & processing them can be a challenge. If we don’t do it responsibly, getting those materials into usable form could lead to environmental harm or even human rights violations.”

This is not the first time the actor has spoken about climate change. He has been a vocal and ardent supporter of the cause for a while now.

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Mark Ruffalo wants to increase climate change representation

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Mark Ruffalo in Hulk

The Playbook, a new online resource produced by the non-profit consultancy Good Energy in collaboration with Bloomberg Philanthropies, aims to inspire and teach the creative entertainment sector so that climate change is better depicted in TV and movies. The material of the playbook contains the most recent scientific findings, unique climatic repercussions such as scorpion assaults and blood snow, and profiles of personalities at the vanguard of the climate catastrophe.

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“Climate is the biggest story of our time. And it doesn’t just have to be stories of loss and despair, but it can also be tales of bravery, humanity, big ideas, and new possibilities from every community. I hope all creators will see themselves in shaping this future and want to be a part of this new wave of storytelling; I hope all producers will want to support such an array of storytellers for the future we want.”

Hollywood has opened its eyes toward race, gender, and other areas where there is a lack of representation, one of them being climate change. Ruffalo is one of the celebrities who continue to raise his voice to bring these issues to light.

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