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Marvel Star Samuel L. Jackson Banned a Director after He Questioned His Hairstyle: “I don’t work with him anymore”

Marvel Star Samuel L. Jackson Banned a Director after He Questioned His Hairstyle: "I don't work with him anymore"

Samuel L. Jackson is no doubt a great actor. Having spent decades in the industry as an actor, he has been through the best and worst sides of Hollywood. Some of the issues he faced in his career as an actor also included his hair loss. However, it did not stop him from following his passion, and he started opting for wigs in the films. After featuring in the 1996 film The Great White Hype, he kept on being offered similar roles. And although the stars were required to have wavy hair, he was glad to be on the “bald is beautiful” list.

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson

However, he still used wigs of his choice if the role required one. But things did not go well after a director questioned his choice of hairstyle for his characters, after which he decided never to work with that director again. 

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Samuel L. Jackson Didn’t Work with This Director Again

Samuel L. Jackson often selects his hairstyle for the character he portrays. He makes the decision based on the character’s background and story. He has had versatile hairstyles from Pulp Fiction to the 2019 film Glass. In an interview, the Far From Home actor shared that he suggests most of his hairdos and makes sure that the directors are also on board with his idea.

Pulp Fiction (1994) and Glass (2019)
Pulp Fiction (1994) and Glass (2019)

While most of the directors agreed with his choices of wigs and hairstyles, not everyone was on the same page always. Something similar happened with one of his directors. The Avengers star shared that one of the directors he worked with was not comfortable with his wig, leading to a disagreement between them over his hairstyle.

And it led him to blacklist the director. I have only had one director who had a mandate for my hair, and I don’t work [with] him anymore,” he said. However, he did not provide the name of the director that he does not prefer to work with anymore. 

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Why did Samuel L. Jackson Decide to go Bald?

When Samuel L. Jackson started losing his hair, it became one of the many concerns of the Pulp Fiction actor. He needed to maintain a specific look for the character he would be playing. So, as a solution to his problem, he asked his hair stylist Robert L. Stevenson if it would be better for him to go bald. 

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson claimed that he was comfortable with not having hair, but not comfortable with his characters not having hair. Stevenson, who worked with several Hollywood stars, suggested that he could still create his character with wigs if they just “shaved it all off.” The Legend of Tarzan actor now loves experimenting with his looks, and fans also love his varied appearances in the films. 

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