Marvel Studios Accidentally Reveals MCU Original Native-American Superhero With No Comic Book Origin – May Be Planning a Solo Project Soon

Marvel Studios Accidentally Reveals MCU Original Native-American Superhero With No Comic Book Origin - May Be Planning a Solo Project Soon
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Marvel Studios has a long history of creating new characters for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it seems they are set to introduce another original superhero, Kahhori. This news comes from Funko’s collectible Soda by Funko line, which has released a new product featuring a Native American superhero named Kahhori.


While Marvel Studios has yet to confirm this character’s existence or introduce her to the MCU, fans are already speculating about who she is and what her role could be in the franchise.

Original Native American Superhero In The MCU

Kahhori Funko Pop Soda
Kahhori Funko Pop Soda

The Funko soda can features Kahhori, a Native American superhero with traditional face paint, woven clothing, and feathers in her hair. The logo on the side of the can indicates that Kahhori will make her debut in an upcoming episode of What If…? Season 2, which is set to premiere later this year. This news has generated excitement among fans, eager to see this new hero in action.


What makes Kahhori unique is that she has no origins in Marvel Comics. This means that Marvel Studios has created an entirely original character for the MCU, something they have done in the past with characters such as Agent Coulson.

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Marvel Studios is always looking for new and creative ways to expand the MCU and introduce new characters that fans can get excited about. So, who is Kahhori, and what can we expect from her in the MCU? While we know very little about this new hero, some clues may give us a little insight into her character.

Kahhori: A Never-Before-Seen Hero in Marvel Comics

Given her Native American roots, many fans are speculating that Kahhori may have connections to Echo, the Native American hero set to make her debut in the upcoming Disney+ series. Echo, also known as Maya Lopez, is a deaf Native American superhero who can perfectly mimic any physical movement she sees. It’s possible that Kahhori is another member of the same tribe or has a connection to Echo in some other way.

Marvel's EchoMarvel's Echo
Marvel’s Echo

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However, it’s also possible that Kahhori is an original character created specifically for the 1602-focused episode of What If…? Season 2. The 1602 storyline takes place in an alternate universe where the Marvel characters existed in 1602, and Kahhori may be a superhero who existed during that period.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that Marvel Studios has big plans for Kahhori. It’s not often that they introduce a completely original character into the MCU, so it’s safe to assume that she will have a significant role to play in the franchise. She may even get her solo project soon, given Marvel Studios’ track record of giving new heroes their own movie or series.

Kahhori Funko Pop Soda
Kahhori Funko Pop Soda

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The fact that Funko has released a product featuring Kahhori is a good sign that we may see her in the MCU sooner rather than later. While Marvel Studios has yet to announce her official introduction, merchandise releases like this often indicate that a character’s debut is imminent.

It’s also worth noting that What If…? Season 2 was notably absent from a Disney+ teaser promoting early 2023 releases on the streamer, leading some to wonder whether the show would miss this release window. However, this merchandise release suggests that the show could return sooner than later.

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