Marvel Studios Announces Slate Of TV Series For Disney+

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Marvel Studios Announces Slate Of TV Series For Disney+

It was just last year when it was reported that Marvel would be working on the limited-series Falcon & Winter Soldier. Just today, Disney officially confirmed that the Falcon & Winter Soldier series is in the works for the streaming service Disney+. Beyond that, Disney also revealed the logo for the series. For over a decade Marvel have been highly successful on the big screen. However, it would seem they’re now also focusing on the smaller screen.

In the same report, it was revealed that Malcolm Spellman who is best known for writing several episodes for the hit Fox series, Empire. This series is also the first to have found a writer. However, as of right now it is unclear if Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) will in fact return for the series. Although, it would seem unlikely that they wouldn’t return as Tom Hiddleston is also returning for the Loki TV Series.

In a meeting today, Walt Disney Stuidos’ investors presentation focused on their upcoming streaming service, Disney+, this would then confirm the Falcon & Winter Soldier series. The series’ official logo was also shown at the meeting:

Kevin Feige has also come out to announce three new projects that will also come out on Disney+. The first series is called WandaVision, with Scarlet Witch and Vision as the main characters. The second series which we already know some stuff about is Loki which will see Tom Hiddleston return.

The third series is fairly different to anything that’s been announced for the streaming service so far. The third project will be an animated series that will explore the MCU in “fresh and exciting ways”. The series will also use the same voices as the films, most notably so far is Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, who will have a what-if story in which she receives the super-soldier serum.

No dates have been confirmed for any of the mentioned projects as they are all probably still in very early stages of development. It’s unclear when we should expect any of these shows to release but a late 2019 release date is feasible.

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