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Marvel Studios Developing A Nomad Project

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Last week Disney’s investor’s meeting sent the internet into a whirlwind! Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige showcased everything that is coming to Phase 4 and beyond. Some of the new properties that were announced on Thursday was an Ironheart series starring Dominique Thorne, a War Machine show called Armor Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special, and a Fantastic Four movie from MCU Spider-Man director Jon Watts.

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The future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is certainly looking bright! While there are more developments in the early stages waiting to be shown, Murphy’s Multiverse exclusively revealed that Marvel Studios is doing a project on Nomad! In the Marvel comic book universe, there have been a handful of characters who’ve held onto the title like Ronin for example.


Comic Book History

In Captain America #180, Steve Rogers becomes disillusioned with the United States government, when he discovers that a high ranking government official is the leader of the terrorist organization known as the Secret Empire. Rogers then decides to abandon his Captain America identity, feeling that he cannot continue to serve America after this latest discovery has shattered his faith in the nation’s status. A version of this was introduced in Avengers: Infinity War.


The second Nomad was a man named Edward Ferbel though he was a short-lived character. The third and best known Nomad is Jack Monroe, who was formerly known as the third Bucky. He was created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Sal Buscema in Captain America #153.

Nomad Jack Monroe

The fourth Nomad is a girl named Rikki Barnes, the female Bucky established in the Heroes Reborn Captain America series. As of now in the Marvel comics, she’s hung around the Future Foundation and started a romantic relationship with Julie Power.

Rebecca Barnes Heroes Reborn Earth 616 from Future Foundation Vol 1 2 001

The final person to take on the Nomad mantle is Ian Rogers. He is the adopted son of Steve from the Rick Remender run. No word on who this will revolve around or if this will be a movie, but I have a feeling that this will be a future Disney+ series.

Leopold Zola Earth 616 hitting Helmut Zemo Earth 616 really hard from All New Captain America Vol 1 5

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Written by Devin Colson

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