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Marvel Studios Reportedly Renaming X-Men as ‘Mutants’, Having Trouble Getting Them to MCU Because of Faulty Disney-Fox Merger Deal Creating Legal Nightmares

X Men in mcu

According to speculations on the Internet, Marvel Studios may be amidst a legal nightmare. This is primarily concerned with the inclusion of the X-Men in the MCU and the acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney. When it comes to the Disney-Fox merger which saw its completion in 2019,  there might be some faulty contractual obligations, a stark difference from what initially met the eye.

The future of X-Men

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Back when the news of the completion was announced, Marvel fans had already envisioned the smooth incorporation of the X-Men into the MCU. However, as per rumors, there is something else that might be plaguing Marvel Studios.

The Legal Aspects Concerning The X-Men

Marvel Studios logo
Marvel Studios

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Some contractual obligations that are still yet to expire are perhaps the reason behind the obstruction of the usage of the term ‘X-Men’ by Marvel Studios. This is perhaps the reason why the studio might be tiptoeing and actively finding loopholes around the inclusion of the X-Men in MCU and the references concerning them.

When it comes to such speculations, it may be supported by the fact that Disney owns the complete rights of X-Men in animation, and that is exactly why we are seeing a Marvel Studios-produced animated series featuring our beloved mutants, instead of a full-fledged live-action version of it.

X-Men 97
X-Men ’97

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This might also explain why the terms ‘mutants’ or ‘mutation’ are primarily used over a committed mention of the ‘X-Men.’ Other evidence which validates such reports includes the incorporation of Charles Xavier in the Multiverse of Madness, where not once is he referenced concerning being a mutant, let alone the leader of the X-Men.

Furthermore, this might be why at the end of Ms. Marvel, Kamala’s genetic mutation is an independent revelation, devoid of any relation to an existing mutant community. Once again, Marvel Studios tiptoed around a direct mention of the mutants in the MCU. The subtle approach can further be validated when the 1990s XMen: The Animated Series theme played briefly while the twist took place.

While these are mere speculations, such rumors do make considerable sense when we realize how long it is taking the MCU to get the X-Men involved, unabashedly and without beating around the bush.

Marvel Studios And The Tale Of Legal Ambiguity

The Mutants
The Mutants

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If such speculations are indeed true, then the studio skirting around the legalities of including X-Men in the MCU narrative might be a strategy they are required to resort to, at least until the Fox contracts expire. Many fans had previously expressed their disappointment over a potential X-Men reboot film being named “The Mutants”. While some believed it was an attempt at inclusivity, others speculated that it might be focused on mutants in general, instead of the X-Men. The details are not known as of yet.

However, now with these rumors flying around, the reason for such a title might simply be due to Disney’s inability to develop a full-fledged X-Men film at the moment, all thanks to legal obligations. On the other hand, the project might be another subtle attempt to bypass a direct inclusion of the X-Men, whilst allowing space for the general mutant origin to be explored. Who knows, we might even see some of the X-Men characters, probably in a similar Multiverse of Madness fashion.

Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier

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It can be either scenario: Marvel Studios opted for the term “The Mutants” to be able to develop the reported X-Men reboot which they may not legally be allowed to work on yet, or it might be another beating around the bush situation that the studio cannot get rid of before the contracts expire.

Only the future can tell what this legal tragedy mounts up to. As per sources, the contracts might come to an end in 2025, but nothing is confirmed at the moment. One can only hope that the world receives a quicker, sooner, and much smoother glance at the X-Men in the MCU.

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